Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week Ending 19 April 2015

This has been a wonderfully quiet and relaxing week. The weather was terrible at the start of the week. The last time our city saw snow in April was 23 years ago. Still it's been the perfect excuse to stay at home. There has been

movie watching,

We don't have a proper table tennis table or net but they commandeered the dining room table and used some plastic containers as the net!

game playing,

Miss 14's pile on the left; mine on the right.

book reading,

With the cooler weather we started feeling like soups, curries and casseroles. We love browsing through  books and magazines looking for new recipes to try.

and menu planning.

The weather improved later in the week and Miss 14 and I managed one birding trip - a bush walk with a small group of fellow birders. Not a lot of variety, but large numbers of kereru and fantails.

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  1. Great week it sounds! I'm visiting from weekly wrap up.

  2. Game playing, book reading and menu planning while it snows sounds like heaven to me!! I have to look up that Purple Hibiscus book--looks interesting!