Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week Ending 26 April 2015

Our first week back into formal, structured learning after a two week break went smoothly and uneventfully. Nothing much to write about at all in a week with few real highlights. Since I'm committed to blogging every week here is a brief recap.

* Dh finally retired from Scouting. He started out regularly parent helping when Mr 22 first got involved twelve years ago and within a matter of months was a warranted leader, first with the Cub section (8-10 year olds) and then with the Scout section (10-14 year olds). He continued even after our children were no longer involved in the group (Mr 17 is still involved in Scouting but at another group since our group doesn't operate sections for those older than 14). His retirement really feels like the end of an era.

* Miss 14 attended another module for her coaching/leadership course through Gymsports. This was a practical session on rhythmic gymnastics and she was surprised she enjoyed it as much as she did. Just one module left and the  course will be finished.

* Our hob and oven both stopped working on Saturday evening. A problem with the circuit breaker that requires an electrician. Since I'm not willing to pay call out rates for the weekend and because Monday is a public holiday here I'll be without regular cooking facilities for at least two days. We solved the problem on Sunday evening by using some two-for one vouchers we had for a Mexican takeaway. I'll have to see what can be cooked on the barbecue and hope the forecast rain holds off until the problem is resolved.

* Mr 17 took part in two Anzac Day marches to commemorate our war veterans.

* I found this on Miss 14's noticeboard.

Time to rethink our approach to physics I think. She has one more week on the current unit and then she can look at some other resources I have to see if she prefers those to what she is currently using. I suspect the dislike might be for the subject in its entirety though! The irony is that she chose to do physics this year - it wasn't a subject we required.

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