Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week Ending 29 March 2015

This has been a great week - although pretty light on actual academic work. Maybe that is why it has been so enjoyable!

On Monday Miss 14 and I decided to go birding in the morning since the only birding we've managed recently has been the service type - participating in bird counts and assisting at a junior nature club meeting among other things. So we went to a local lake just to see what we could see and had an enjoyable morning - until the rain came in that is. Tuesday was our monthly ramble with the local birding group. We were surprised to see some very young Australasian Coots, plus one bird still incubating eggs. On Wednesday, spurred on by reports of several unusual species, we headed north for the day. We didn't have time to check out everything and an abnormally high tide stopped us getting to one spot. But we had another great day and had fantastic views of the Grey-Tailed Tattler. I think this was our seventh attempt for this bird so we were practically doing a happy dance on the beach. On Saturday we headed to another lake to try and find a recently arrived annual visitor. We couldn't spot the bird we were after but found another species we hadn't yet seen this year. On Sunday we were supposed to stay at home but a friend texted us with a report of a rare migrant at a wetlands near her. So we met up there and in less than five minutes found it - our first ever Japanese Snipe. An excellent week's birding - two new species for our life lists, plus another three that were new for our year lists.

Japanese Snipe. There have been fewer than thirty reported sightings of this bird in the entire country ever.

A  Great Crested Grebe on the left and a Pied Cormorant on the right. I love its blue eye ring.

As well as all that birding, Miss 14, Mr 17 and I went swimming again on Friday. We're trying to go once every fortnight. The spa pool at the end was lovely!

Despite being out of the house more than we were in, we did actually get some book work done. Admittedly not as much as we would have liked - especially with only one more week left in the quarter. But what doesn't get done now will get finished later. Most of the book work was simply carrying on with what we've already being doing. However, we started To Kill a Mockingbird for World Literature and we'll be using this study guide from Garlic Press. They are my absolute favourite guides for literature and incredibly comprehensive. There is far more than we'll actually use but being able to pick and choose is great. Miss 14 has also started an essay on Insurgent. I suggested she write on To Kill A Mockingbird (plenty of writing ideas in the study guide) but she was really keen to write on Insurgent so we went with that! I haven't actually read the book but I found a whole lot of essay questions on line and I let her pick from those. Since Miss 20 has at least read the first book in the series and will soon be on a break from university I might pass the essay marking over to her - have to put that undergrad minor in English to good use!

While Miss 14'ds week was all about birding Mr 17's was dominated by cricket. His team played their last game of the season and he managed his highest score of the season. He's also been watching a lot of cricket since the World Cup is currently on. Semi-finals were earlier in the week and the final is currently being played. It's the first time our country has ever made the final, but sadly, right now, it doesn't look like they'll manage to win it. We don't have pay tv so he's been spending a lot of time at a friend's house. Tonight he's taken dh and Mr 22 with him. Miss 20 got called in to work since a lot of people wanted the night off to watch the cricket match.

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  1. I love your photos of the birds you saw during your nature study. We did a one year pond study which we really enjoyed.
    A great week!