Monday, March 23, 2015

Week Ending 22 March 2015

Three noteworthy things this week.

1. Miss 14 had asked to go ice skating and here was a half price homeschool open skate at the local rink one day this week. Sadly, there were very few people there (and absolutely nobody I knew - a clear sign that I'm not really part of the local homeschool community anymore) so it was all a bit flat. Miss 14 wants to go skating again though and hopes she can convince Miss 20 to join her. I don't skate and Mr 17 isn't that much fun apparently.

2. Our geography programme isn't as balanced as I would like - lots of good information of the discipline of geography, and the kids are getting plenty of mapping practise but they are not yet learning anything detailed about particular countries or areas. And they both concede that it is on the light side work wise. So I've opted to ramp it up just a little. Last week I had them select a lesser European nation, and find five images that represent some aspect of that country. This week (it was meant to be last week but we never quite got to it!) they gave a short oral report, talking about each image. Mr 17 picked Iceland. He had a great image of the Northern Lights. I also learnt about the month long Thorri fest. Miss 14 picked Latvia. No surprises that she talked about the white wagtail, Latvia's national bird, among other things.

3. Another trampoline competition. As well as competing Miss 14 was coaching. Miss 14 wasn't happy with her own performance but still managed a win. She was more excited by the fact that a girl she coached earned two second placings.

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