Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week Ending 15 March 2015

Mostly this was a very boring, uneventful week. Miss 14 was either chugging through schoolwork, training or coaching. I'm beginning to feel that she is a little overcommitted - there doesn't seem to be enough down time in her schedule for my taste - and have been wondering where we can cut back. Trampolining is the obvious area, but she is incredibly resistant and has even convinced me to increase her training hours back to what they were last year. While she admits to feeling a little harried now she's pointed out that it should only be temporary since many of the things that are causing me concern are temporary and will soon end. For instance there are two competitions in a three week period (one last weekend and one next weekend) and then none again until July. The scheduling makes no sense to me but nobody asked my opinion when the competition calendar was designed! And she had the  second of this year's leadership/coaching module this weekend. The first was just three weeks ago. Last year they were more evenly spaced - one every three months or so. Our homeschool schedule is also a little more fraught right now (a MOOC we really want to do even though the timing isn't perfect) but that will calm down in another couple of weeks also. Basically she's convinced me that while she is a little too busy right now , the problem should only be temporary. If not I might have to step in but I'm torn. I want her to be able to follow her passions and sometimes that conflicts with my vision of an idyllic, relaxed life with plenty of downtime at home.

In good news Miss 14 was excited to learn she has been accepted into a teen ornithology camp next month. It was advertised for sixteen to eighteen year olds so she didn't think she'd get in. However, someone suggested she apply anyway and she made it. She's very excited - although apprehensive about the boat trip out to the island where they'll be based. Her last experience with boats was not a good one!

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