Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week Ending 1 March 2015

Today was the first official day of autumn and although signs of summer, such as cicadas loudly chirping, still abound, there is a noticeable chill in the air in the morning.

The main highlight of the week was dh and I celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We're not big party types but we did enjoy a lovely dinner out - a rare treat for us.

There were a few other noteworthy events as well.

* Our monthly birding meeting featured a documentary about one effort to help save the endangered spoon-billed sandpiper - removing their eggs from the wild in Russia and using them to establish a captive breeding population in the United Kingdom. Fascinating stuff, and a good insight into the long, hard path conservationists face.

* The meeting also featured a talk by Miss 14 about her experiences at the field course in January.  She's never done any public speaking before and it was one of the skills I wanted to work on this year. Members night was the perfect opportunity with short time slots (10 minutes or so) and a supportive audience. While we both noted things to work on for the future it was a great first effort.

* Miss 14 finished reading The Book Thief and then we watched the movie. It was a great movie in itself but we were both distracted by how often the plot line differed from that of the book. We expected omissions (it's pretty impossible to turn a novel into a movie without leaving out some things) but the changes threw us a bit. Still it was a good chance to talk about why the changes might have been made, and what decisions we'd have made if we were converting the novel into a screenplay. I'm sure I would enjoy movies based on books more if I could get over the habit of comparing them to the book as I watch!

* Mr 17's cricket team won their first match of the season. It hasn't been a good season for them so far and when I got them text to collect them a lot sooner than the games normally finish I was expecting the worst. But his team had come out on top.

Mr 17 completing some European map work.
* Miss 20 is busy studying once again now that the university year has officially started. Hard to believe she is a postgrad already.

* Miss 14 and I went birding. She was hoping to spot the Glossy Ibis I saw last week but it wasn't to be found. We consoled ourselves by driving to the beach, buying ice-creams and eating them while walking along the pier. Miss 14 claimed she'd never walked along the pier before - a travesty that had to be remedied!

* Dh took Miss 14 and Mr 17 swimming. I was going to go but came down with the cold that's doing the rounds. Luckily my version seems to be mild but Miss 20 has a major bout. She wasn't sure whether she was going to be able to call in sick to work herself since her voice kept giving out! Not sure whether to blame all the first year students (she spent last week working as a greeter and guide during orientation and enrolment week) or the joys of working at a supermarket checkout!

* Miss 14 and I are enjoying the adventures of an ornithologist who is travelling around the world hoping to spot at least 5000 different species this year.

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  1. I can't believe your autumn is about to begin and our spring! We are ready for warmer weather here. It sounds like you had a great week. WTG on Miss 14's first speaking in public. That is a skill so many people have trouble with. As always I love reading about your birding and pier walking adventures! Happy week Sandra!