Monday, February 23, 2015

Week Ending 22 February 2015

This working week was thankfully much more settled than last with no major interruptions. Both kids work steadily. They covered Western and Northern Europe in geography as well as looking at map projections. Mr 17 has started investigating Great Britain for politics and is looking at game construction in economics. His maths lesson have been concentrating on geometry and the quadratic equations. Miss 14 studied  forces for physics, reviewed first and second declension nouns in Latin, and surveyed Ancient Greek art for art history. Her maths lessons seem to be emphasising order or operations. She's about half way through The Book Thief for literature and enjoying the unit study type approach taken by the Moving Beyond the Pages study guide that we are using. We also finished reading Hamlet aloud and watched another movie version. This one starred Mel Gibson and we enjoyed it far more than the Kenneth Branagh version we watched previously.  In some ways it was a less is more approach to costume, setting, even scene selection which let the story shine through more - at least in our opinion.

The weekend on the other hand was all kinds of crazy. Mr 17 had a camp which was meant to be all weekend but his work commitments meant he arrived late and then left early (as in 6am) and then went back in the afternoon to help pack up. Thank goodness his friend with the full licence was also going and was happy to accommodate Mr 17's needs. I certainly wouldn't have been collecting him at 6am - I would have had to leave home close to 5am!

Camp tradition demands at least one leader's car be pranked. Mr 17 was up at 1:30am to assist with this effort!

On Friday night the girls, dh and I went into town and ate dinner at the Friday night food truck market. Good vibe and some great food.  Miss 14 and I took part in an all bird count at a local lake on Saturday. Thankfully the section we got this year had fewer birds than last year's (counting gets a bit tedious when you have several flocks of between 800-1000 birds) and we did pick up two new species for the year. On the down side it felt like more walking and the weather was a lot less pleasant than forecast. On Sunday Miss 14 had a trampoline leadership/coaching course. Since it was right across town and they needed transporting between venues I stayed over all day and fitted in some walking around a wetland (spotting the Glossy Ibis which has just returned for the season) and along the beach. The second part of the course involved an aerial obstacle course which she thoroughly enjoyed and managed to complete uninjured - dh attended last year and came home with a massive cut the length of his shin. She has no idea how he managed it.

Clearly Miss 14 doesn't have a fear of heights!
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