Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week Ending 11 January 2015

This has been my favourite sort of week - one where I've had absolutely no outside commitments. I love being able to structure my day without needing to factor in having to be at a certain place at a certain time. Miss 14 and I have made the most of the freedom and have gone birding most days. The good news is we added 20 species to our list for the year. And she managed to get a photo of the African-Collared Dove  that we missed last week due to a camera malfunction. The bad news is that despite two attempts we haven't yet located the rare Arctic migrant that has shown up at a local estuary. Very frustrating but hopefully we can squeeze in another visit - a successful one this time!

Meanwhile Mr 17 was enjoying a great time at camp. He spent most of his time up a rock helping to run the abseiling base. Frequently I'm amazed at how different my children are from me. This would be one of those times since I am not sporty and neither do I have a head for heights.

When we were at home we spent time observing the changes in our Monarch caterpillars. What a difference a week makes. Last week we had a few very tiny caterpillars. Now we have a much greater number of caterpillars and they are noticeably larger.

For the past couple of years I haven't had a diary/planner/journal or the like since I simply couldn't find a style that I liked. Any planning, lists etc have been jotted down on whatever piece of paper that happened to be close to hand. But then I stumbled across bullet journals - perfect for list-makers (that would be me!) or so they claimed. Inspired by this I have designed my own planner/journal - taking from the bullet journal system but adding my own tweaks. Finally a system that works for me and that I can easily change as my needs change. It's making me very happy!

I should get plenty of opportunity to use my new planner/journal next week. Our unstructured time is coming to an end since Miss 14 has a week long trampoline day camp. I intend to use the time to finalise plans for the school year. I know some Mums dislike planning but I enjoy it, so I'm looking forward to next week, albeit while ruing the freedom that this week afforded.

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