Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week Ending 15 November 2014

Nothing much to write about this week. Miss 13 and I are continued to work on  the three MOOCs, looking at Little House on the Prairie (particularly its depiction of Native Americans), Macbeth , and the history of happiness this week. Mr 16 finished his poetry unit on Robert Frost. His economics test is scheduled for this week  and then he'll just have the remaining lectures of the history MOOC to complete. Miss 19 sat two exams this week and has now finished her undergrad degree, so she's pretty pleased. I can't believe she's finished already since it seems she only just started.

 It was Basil's birthday this week. Miss 13 decided to buy him a special handmade organic dog treat to celebrate. He loved it ... and then decided to continue the celebration by getting into the recycling while we were out. Later in the week he broke into the garden and dug up some newly planted vegetables in order to get at the blood and bone fertiliser that we'd dug in to the soil. Right now it is an arms race between him and my husband. Dh comes up with a plan to keep the dog out of the garden, and then Basil figures out a way in!

Getting into trouble can really tire a dog out!

Dh and Mr 16 attended a Twenty20 cricket match (that's the fast and furious version of the game). Despite the cold weather and their team loosing they had a pretty good time. Normally professional sports games are out of our budget but dh won the tickets

Miss 13 and I went for a mid-week birding ramble with some members of our birding group. Great views of a small population of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, but I'm really glad there are none near us - their call is loud and harsh! We heard a couple of Shining Cuckoos, but again they stayed out of view. Most frustrating. Hopefully we manage to spot one before they leave in early-mid summer.

Now that Miss 13 has been reading her way through the Hunger Games series, Friday and Saturday evening were spent watching the first two movies. I skipped them since I'm not really a fan of dystopian fiction but the rest of the family watched them - even though everyone except Miss 13 had already seen them when they were released. She enjoyed them both, but thought the second movie was stronger than the first, and that the books were better than the films. She's like me and normally always prefers a book to a movie. Doesn't stop her enjoying the movie though!

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