Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week Ending 31 August 2014

Since I love reading Day in the Life of type posts when I saw that this week was   Day-in-the-Life Week over at iHomeschool Network I decided to write a post and link up. You can read about our Monday here. Not necessarily typical but it was a day.

Tuesday was a lot less enjoyable and productive from my point of view since I obviously slept oddly and woke up with a really sore neck and shoulder. I walked around all day with my head tilted to one side and a hot wheat pack draped around my neck. Miss 13 continued happily with minimum input from me, although she did seek help with a couple of algebra problems that she couldn't get to come out right. Thankfully Mr 16 was more productive than he had been the day before - completing physics, Duolingo, economics and vocabulary before lunch. He would have done statistics as well but Dh had inadvertently taken the statistics book into work with him. Miss 13 had a two hour trampoline class in the afternoon and Mr 16 attended Cubs, where he continues to volunteer. He did maths and history late in the evening and even came to tell me something interesting from the history video - I was in bed but (thankfully!) not asleep.

Wednesday was a beautiful day so Miss 13 sped through her work in the morning while I mowed the lawns (my neck was much improved). We were all planning to do Big History together in the afternoon but we changed our minds since Miss 13 and I wanted to go birding instead. The lake was full of bird life and we were most excited to see over a hundred wrybill. They migrate to the North Island in winter and have obviously started to return, resting at the lake before moving on to the braided rivers where they will attempt to breed. We also had great close-up views of skylarks but they were really skittish and the sound of the camera always caused them to fly off - leaving us with lots of shots of bare land, where a millisecond before had been a lovely bird!  I dropped Miss 13 at trampolining on my way home to make the dumplings to add to the beef casserole that was bubbling away in the crockpot. In the evening Mr 16 attended a Mountain Safety course. All up it is three nights in the classroom and then a two-day tramp.

Both kids got a reasonable amount of work done on Thursday in between copious games of Yahtzee that they are still keen to play at every opportunity. We even got to yesterday's history. Extra curriculars were trampolining as ever for Miss 13 and Scouts for Mr 16. He's actually aged out of the Scout section but helps out every now and again. Since they were watching The Hobbit tonight and he hasn't seen it he was keen to go along. In good news I got a call from the mechanic to say that the problem with the car could well be a lot more minor (and therefore cheaper) than I'd first feared. Fingers crossed. In other good news Miss 13 made chocolate sauce to have with ice cream for dessert. Chocolate is always good news!

On Friday Miss 19, Miss 13 and I went to a craft show. We've been going for years and were a bit disappointed by this one - a new management company has taken over and there were far fewer vendors than previous years. On the positive side our favourites were there . The girls got to stock up on card-making supplies and I stocked up on some delicious smelling soaps.

On Saturday I was surprised to see two largish parcels in the mailbox - one addressed to Dh and the other to me. Turns out we'd entered a competition a week or so ago and both won prizes -  DVD collections, thankfully different ones. We never win anything (actually I lie - I just remembered that back in  the days when we only had two kids I won a mountain bike - male of course but it served Dh well until it was stolen last year) so for us both to win from the same draw was particularly amusing.

Sunday was very relaxed - a trip to the library so I could stock up on reading material plus a stop at the book store so I could look at a new cookbook by my current favourite cookbook author. I have a bit of an addiction to recipe collecting and the aim was to prove to myself that I didn't actually need this book. And it's true - I don't. But seeing it made we want it all the more! I contented myself with placing a hold for it in the library system. Shame I don't have a birthday coming up any time soon though.

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  1. I love big craft shows but rarely get to attend. Most times I am just looking at things to inspire me to create something of my own, but occasionally I do find something really great that I feel the need to purchase.