Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week Ending 24 August 2014

This was a pretty good week - lots going on. Among the highlights:

* Two birding trips for Miss 13 and me - and we even remembered to take the camera on one of them!
Clockwise from top left - Scaup , Pukeko, Muscovy Duck and Australasian Coot. 

Canada Goose on the left. Red billed gull, chaffinch, Black Swan cygnet and Mallard on the  right.

* Miss 13 finished her Latin course for the year.  She's pretty sure she'll do Latin again next year but right now is pleased to have it off her plate. French is also complete and she is looking forward to finishing other courses over the next month and moving into a low tide/unstructured learning phase for a while.

* It was Dh's birthday so we went out for a meal and a movie   -  The Hundred-Foot Journey.  We both enjoyed the film, not to mention spending time together. We grabbed coffee afterwards and ran into a friend who we haven't seen since she moved out of town years ago. (Our home used to be their home. When they moved we  initially rented from them until they decided to sell. At one stage I helped homeschool their daughter one morning a week.) It was great to have a quick catch up.

* Mr 16's had a busy week. First up was Scout week and his section was invited to different groups to promote themselves and run activities for younger sections. He spent a lot of time planning each evening . One of the events was a quiz night and Miss 13 helped him come up with some of the questions. Then he was out three nights in a row actually running the activities at different groups. I was glad he could drive himself there and back! On top of that he spent the weekend at an outdoor first aid course, which was apparently fairly hazardous to his health. At various times over the weekend he 'suffered' some gruesome looking hand injuries, hypothermia and even death! Clearly his fellow participants (and hopefully him too) were well trained since he looked in remarkable good shape when he returned home!

As a mother I'm glad these 'injuries' aren't the real thing.

* Miss 13 began Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. She's a murder mystery fan so was pleased when I discovered a free guide from Bravewriter to go along with the book - especially since it didn't have any pesky comprehension questions but was based on dictation passages instead.She even asked for a dictation passage over the weekend since she was so keen to finish the book and discover whodunnit. We don't own the book and borrowed it from the university library. Turns out theirs is an older version with a different - politically incorrect - title. Further investigation revealed the book had a second title - not as politically incorrect as the first but still no longer seen as acceptable - before the current title was settled upon. Interesting, unexpected learning opportunities right there!

* History is going really well. Both Miss 13 and Mr 16 are enjoying the Coursera course, finding it really well structured and thought-provoking. Mr 16 even voluntarily started taking notes - and he absolutely hates notetaking. While driving to his first aid course one morning we had a lengthy discussion about one of the segments - very philosophical in nature . It made me think I should investigate possible philosophy courses for him next year - preferably outsourced since he loves to argue/debate and I'm not sure it would be great for my sanity!

* A trip to a dog park with Basil. To say he loved it - especially the river - was an understatement!

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  1. I always love your birding pictures!

    I am so impressed that Miss 13 finished Latin! We tried Latin....didn't end well ;-)

    Also, love the photos of your dog and LOVE the name Basil! So cute!

    1. Neither Miss 19 nor Mr 16 liked Latin. They did one year grudgingly and that was it. Mr 22 (my scientist) on the other hand loved it and studied it for several years. I can see Miss 13 also going into the science field - albeit a different area for him. I wonder if the enjoyment of Latin is connected. It certainly comes in handy in the science field.

  2. As always I love your bird pictures!!! I'm glad those are real injuries too! Yuk! We wanted to see that movie but then I read not so great reviews about it. I still think I would love it. LOVE the pictures of Basil!!! Adorable. :)

    1. I really want to get better at bird photography. Suspect it might need a much fancier cameras than we have though. I suppose I could always try reading the manuals for our cameras and learn how to do something more advanced than point and shoot!