Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week Ending 10 August 2014

This week was very much like the last for Miss 13 except the Commonwealth Games had finished and she and Mr 16 switched from playing Monopoly to playing Yahtzee.

Multiple games of Yahtzee were played every day this week.

A couple of the books Miss 13 has read this week.

There were a couple of highlights, however.

*We went birding at a local wetlands. Just recently our birding has felt a little flat. Winter probably has a lot to do with it - not as many birds around and they are not as active. So we hit on the idea of picking one spot to visit at least once a month. We picked this wetland since it isn't too far away, it is small enough that counting all the birds isn't too daunting a job yet  it still has a range of interesting birds. There used to be a housing subdivision bordering this wetland but the area was badly damaged in the earthquakes and has  been abandoned. In the past few months the majority of the houses have been demolished and the damage to the land means the area isn't likely to be suitable for rebuilding. So it'll be interesting to see how this impacts the neighbouring birdlife. Some of the highlights of this visit were ten Royal Spoonbills which flew in just as we were leaving , two Caspian terns hunting overhead, three Kingfishers, and a pair of Australasian Shovellers mating.  We're looking forward to seeing if they successfully raise any young.

* Miss 13 had a trampoline competition - the last one before Nationals in October.  I go to all her competitions but opted to skip this one.  The budget dictates I won't be going to Nationals with her so I thought this would be a good practice run for competing without parental support on the sideline. Apparently it wasn't her finest performance ever (I don't think my absence was the problem) but she still came away with a second and a third placing, which seems to be an accurate reflection of where she is this season. Hopefully the kinks can be ironed out over the next few weeks.

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