Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Day in Our Life

5:45am - The alarm goes  off (I can't believe I'm having to type that) and Miss 13 and I get up. Normally I get up at 7am and Miss 13 around 8am. With the National Gymsports championships only five weeks away her trampoline coach has initiated an extra training session per week. It is optional and I wasn't keen - especially not given the time - but she wanted to give it a go so I reluctantly agreed. If she doesn't like it (fingers crossed) we won't go again.

6:20am - I'm home and it hardly seems worthwhile to go back to bed - although I am tempted. So I catch up on emails and blog reading, have breakfast, feed the dog, make Dh's lunch and do a few other things while everyone else is still in bed.

7:30am - I leave to pick up Miss 13. She's enjoyed the session - mostly ballet exercises and other core conditioning work - and is keen to continue so I'll have to get used to one very early start per week until the beginning of October :-(  We get home about 8:10am and everyone else is up -  a bit of a surprise since Mr 16 often doesn't appear until after 10am.

9am - Miss 13 starts with the last dictation passage from the Boomerang guide for Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. We also have a discussion based on some of the questions in the guide. Mr 16 disappears off to his room (pretty sure he won't be working yet) and Miss 19 heads off to university. Dh has already departed.

9:30am - Miss 13 moves on to maths. This is not her favourite subject but today's lesson obviously goes well. She prefers to work alone, mark her own work and correct any mistakes herself. She'll ask for my help if she doesn't understand the lesson or if she can't fix her mistakes. Today she says she got one wrong but it was a silly mistake and she corrected it easily. While she's working on this I pay some bills, hang a load of laundry on the line, and make a few phone calls - including one to the mechanic. I have a horrible feeling this one will prove costly.

10:15 am - Miss 13 is ready to watch a segment of A Brief History of Humankind. I join her for this since I find it fascinating. Mr 16 is also doing the course but prefers to work at night so he and I will discuss today's segment - daily life in the Stone Age - tomorrow morning.

11am - It's time to take Basil for a walk. We bump into a neighbour walking their dog but we decide to go another way. Their dog is small, Bas is big and he can never understand why it doesn't want to play with him. A lovely walk including a stretch along a stream bank with lovely bird call and large patches of daffodils getting ready to bloom.

11:45am - We're back and opt for an early lunch. Reading the newspaper leads to some discussion of current events - Syria, Ebola, the current political scandal in our country, and which way the kids would vote if they could (we have a national election next month).

12:30pm - Miss 13 begins her science. While she likes the programme - Real Science Odyssey's  Biology 2, today's lesson on fossil dating is not a favourite.  I go over a couple of things she's still a bit unclear about. Mr 16 is at his computer working on Duolingo. German conjunctions today.

1pm - Mr 16 decides to deliver some things to his grandmother. A good excuse to drive the car I think! Meanwhile Miss 13 spends some time on Duolingo. Even though she's decided not to carry on with formal French she still enjoys Duolingo for fun. Then she curls up on the couch with a book. I poach some chicken which I need cooked and cooled for tonight's dinner.

2:15pm Mr 16 returns and decides to watch 12 Angry Men (I've added a movie or two to his literature suggestions for the year). Miss 13 and I watch it too. Some great discussion during and afterwards - guided by a couple of free guides from the Teach with Movies site.

4pm. The kids are playing Yahtzee, reading and Miss 13 spends time on the computer working on some stories she's writing. She also reads over the assignment from our other history programme and makes a start on it. I email it to Mr 16 who groans (I had indicated we might skip this one since we added the Coursera history course into the mix  - however, it is on responses to disease and how they changed over time. With Ebola in the headlines it seemed relevant so I played my mean Mum card!) and says he'll get to it later! He is also on the computer but it seems to be Facebook and various computer forums.

5:45pm - The three of us decide to eat. Miss 19 took her dinner since she won't be home until late. Banh Mi sandwiches tonight - a relatively light and casual evening meal but the Vietnamese flavours are just what I feel like. We're not sure when Dh will be home but Mr 16 has a Scouting meeting to attend and Miss 13 and I have an ornithology meeting so we can't wait to eat with him.

7pm. - Mr 16 has already left and now Miss 13 and I head out, collecting an elderly friend on the way.

9:30pm - We return after a great meeting. Tonight's speaker is a fantastic raconteur and a great birder who gave two short talks. The first was on bird life in Christchurch post earthquakes. Take home message was that the quakes were a double edged sword for birds. While there were many fatalities (penguins entombed in their burrows by disintegrating cliffs being just one example) and some species have fallen in numbers, others just relocated slightly and the changes to the land structure has meant new naturally occurring habitats - although they do need to be well managed. He also spoke about his birding experiences in Indonesia. When we got back everyone else was home so we had a quick catch up before Miss 13 and I headed for bed.


Reading back over the day really highlights the differences between Miss 13 and Mr 16. They both have work they are expected to complete by the end of the week but I leave it up to them as to exactly when they do it.  She likes to get it mostly done by Thursday. She had a very productive day making good progress on every subject, plus plenty of free time for her own interests. As is typical she does more bookwork on Monday than on any other day. Mr 16 did very little today but I'm (mostly) relaxed about it. It's very rare that he does not complete his work by the end of the week. He likes to spread it out, prefers to work at night (he's most productive between 9 and 11pm) and would rather do some work on the weekend than feel "too busy" on weekdays.  Mondays tend to be his least productive day - often because he is recovering from a busy Scout related weekend. It's not necessarily the way I would prefer him to work but I know he can work in a more traditional fashion if he has to.

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