Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week Ending 30 March 2014

This week has all been about Basil - the good and the bad.

He's settling in really well and everyone loves having him - especially Miss 13 and Mr 16 (Our cat - not so much). We've been learning to adjust our routines to his needs, especially ensuring he gets all of his 39 pills on schedule. The day goes more smoothly if we take him for a walk before we attempt any book work.Otherwise we keep getting a sad face planted on our laps or a frisbee thrust in our hands! He is really helping me stick to my goal of walking most days. On those rare occasions when we've all gone out he has been so happy to see us on our return. An enthusiastic welcome by a bounding Boxer is definitely heart warming.  On the negative side is his epilepsy. He had his first seizure with us a few nights ago and while we knew exactly what to expect and what to do, it is no fun at all walking a wobbly dog around the back yard for over an hour at 4:30 in the morning, then watching while he has another seizure. He gets agitated after his seizures and has a strong urge to walk but is still really uncoordinated. Hence the need for someone to walk him and then sit with him until he's feeling calmer. Miss 13 was happy to do it but she lacks the strength to steer him when he is attempting to walk straight through walls. We're hoping (for his sake and ours) the seizures won't be too frequent but stress does bring them on (and being separated from his family must be stressful for him) and he can have several in a week and then go for months without any.

Other than that we haven't done an awful lot worth mentioning this week.Mr 16 volunteered one night as an abseiling instructor and Miss 13 and I took the opportunity to fit in a little birding, visiting a couple of sites near to the abseiling tower. We also made two trips to local wetlands trying to find the Glossy Ibis. So far it's proving elusive but we aren't giving up just yet. As we've searched we've always seen something to make us smile. Our favourite was probably a group of fledgling Welcome Swallows who seemed to be learning to fly. They were sitting on a rafter by their nest and two adult birds kept flying in and hovering in front, presumably trying to encourage them. One by one they made the leap and took a very short flight, then another and another. All except one, who remained on the rafters all alone for a good 10 minutes until finally he too took the plunge. Magical to watch.
Apart from the Welcome Swallows, we saw a Royal Spoonbill in a location they don't normally frequent.  Shame it wouldn't untuck its head! Plus, as always, plenty of Pukeko.

Miss 13 made a delicious spicy fruit cake - shame I can't send the aroma over the net. It smelt - and tasted - wonderful.

Getting our heads around all the details of mitosis and meiosis has been a challenge. Making a flip book and posters has hopefully helped to get everything straight.

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  1. Joining you from Weekly Wrapup and love the new dog. We have one and he's still adjusting.

  2. Sandra it sounds like your week is as full of animal issues as ours. Basil is ADORABLE. I do hope his epilepsy is more manageable. Isn't it horrible to see them in pain and anxiety and not be able to fix it? EVERY time I read your blog I say I'm going to be more diligent about bird watching. We have lovely birds right outside our window but I never know what kind they are except for a couple. Happy week!!