Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week Ending 16 March 2014

It's predominantly been a quiet, uneventful week.  Academically no real highlights - just lots of steady learning. Miss 13 hit maths (a diligent but not joyful 4 lessons from Saxon), science (a challenging section on genetics - DNA, RNA etc) , history (looking at astrophysics and cosmology),  reading  (she finished Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper, Ravens in Winter by Bernd Heinrich and started The Lion Boy by Zizou Corder), art history (a notebooking page to finish up our study of John Audubon), Latin (she's working on adjectives at the moment  plus plenty of sentence translation work), Journey's North Mystery Class (time clues to work out approximate longitude this week) and French (she was working on numbers from 20 to 100 this week - at the same time Mr 16 was working on numbers from 20 to 100 in German. I work on both of them with their langauges and my head was spinning - I ended up translating German numbers into French and totally confused Mr 16!) There was, as always, ornithology  (two field trips - the highlight of which was a wild turkey with five very young babies, not to mention a beautiful hour long walk through the bush - plus the online bird class via Currclick, which looked at albatross this week). We took another field trip to a country art gallery a short drive out of town to see their Flights of Fancy exhibition - drawing, paintings, photographs and sculpture all of birds. The main exhibitor was just 14 years old and obviously very talented.

Miss 13 bought this card - a reproduction of one of our favourite paintings. Proceeds were donated to predator control projects.

Sad news this week on the pet front with the death of one of the frogs. Fortunately the remaining two appear healthy. On a more cheerful note we  are soon to become foster parents to a seven year old Boxer,  and he came for an initial visit this week.

Basil belongs to one of dh's colleagues. They were living in rented accommodation while they awaited the rebuild of their earthquake damaged home. However, that rental  was seriously damaged in last week's  floods and trying to find another rented home that would accept pets was impossible. They needed to find a home for Basil for the next 10-12 months until they can move into their rebuilt home and Miss 13 has always wanted a dog so hopefully it'll be a win-win situation. He's big and, given our unfamiliarity with dogs I'm anticipating a variety of teething problems but we (maybe not our cat but she doesn't know yet ;-) ) are looking forward to him moving in next week.


  1. Lots of great schooling going on! And always birding. :) Sorry about the frog. Keilee had one years ago that she lost. She had named her Lily. But great news about the Boxer!!! Can't wait to see lots of pictures and updates.

  2. That's a whole lot of learning fun for an "uneventful" week;) Basil is a cutie...having him around is sure to be fun!