Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week ending 9 February 2014

This was a fairly quiet and uneventful week for which I'm grateful since the forthcoming week will be anything but.

Our copy of The Tempest finally arrived so Miss 13, Mr 16 and I began reading it aloud one scene at a time. So far it's going well - we've finished Act 2 -  and we should finish this coming week, just in time to attend a live performance - weather permitting, since it is an outdoor production.

The three of us also made a start on the Big History course. Again it is a case of so far so good, although it is a little slow to really get going and therefore a little boring. I had planned to whip through the rest of the introductory unit next week so we can start on the course proper but other activities mean it's unlikely we'll get time for that.

I spent Friday morning at a medical clinic with Mr 16 wondering if I would be found to be the worst mother in the world. His hand was hit by a ball at cricket last Saturday. Cricket balls are hard and it was travelling fast. However, he said it was fine - "just bruised" and by the time I found out we were heading to my parents' Golden Wedding anniversary celebrations. So I let it go. For a couple of days he claimed it was getting better and he didn't need an x-ray. And he was getting more movement. But he opted to skip practice, skip Thursday's game (a public holiday here hence the game; normally they just play on Saturday) and wasn't sure about making the weekend game.  And he never skips cricket if he can help it. So I suggested again (a little more firmly this time) that maybe we should get an x-ray. And this time he agreed. There was no obvious break but there was a faint line that "may be a crack" but the doctor didn't think so and said Mr 16 should carry on as usual, including playing cricket but to come back in 10 days if things weren't better. Not as clear-cut as I would have liked. Thankfully his coach opted to rest him for the weekend. We'll see how this week goes but I still have some doubts. We have family experience with small breaks not being picked up initially.

The highlight of Miss 13's week was a birding trip (of course). We went to a local high-tide roost favoured by bar-tailed godwits and tried our hand at band retrieval. Basically we were trying to spot the birds that were banded and correctly identify the bands so we could report the sighting. Scientists use these reports to get a better idea of the movements and needs of these birds. It was surprisingly difficult since the birds would insist on standing on one leg (and you need to read the bands on both legs to fully identify them), standing in a large group (really difficult to work out which legs belong to which bird), wading (so their bands were covered by water) or running quickly along the sand (hard to correctly identify and record at least 4 bands and 1 flag per bird). Plus, it was really windy and keeping the scope upright was a challenge at times! Still we did have some success including one godwit first banded in Australia - the colour of the flag tells you where they were banded.

February 5th was apparently Nutella Day. Who knew there was such a thing? Coincidentally I stumbled across that fact around the same time that I stumbled across a recipe for Nutella cake that we were keen to try. Perfect way to celebrate we thought so Miss 13 spent that afternoon in the kitchen!

Miss 19 finished her summer course which was brutal - a semester long course condensed into just four weeks. Luckily, she has a two week break before the university year proper begins. I can't believe it will be her final year and she'll (all going well) have her Bachelor's degree by the end of the year.

Miss 13's been reading up a storm. She often goes through stages of struggling to find appealing fiction books - she seems caught between the children's market which is often too young and the young adults' market which is frequently too old - so it's great that she's found plenty of books that appeal recently. In the past week or so she finished Bridge to Terabithia, Out of Shadows and, in a lighter vein, The Hero of Ticonderoga. She's also made a start on Gathering Blue, a follow up from The Giver which we read last year. I'm currently the one in a reading funk. After a string of enjoyable reads the latest couple I've picked up haven't held my attention. I've got several promising titles on hold at the library so I'm hoping they arrive in soon. I don't like being between books.

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