Monday, February 24, 2014

Week Ending 23 February 2014

Two birding expeditions for Miss 13 and me this week. On Saturday we took part in an annual census of all the birds on one particular lake. The lake was divided into sections and small groups tackled each section, counting all the birds, species by species, on the shore and on the water. Our section  - about 3 km long - had large numbers of black swans, grey teal  and other water fowl and we counted literally thousands of each species. It was a hot windy day and peering through a scope and concentrating intensely to make sure we didn't make a mistake in either identification (easy to do when the birds have their heads tucked under their wings) or counting was surprisingly taxing.  On Sunday we had a much more relaxed day walking along a local lagoon, just enjoying the sights - especially the Caspian Terns hunting and the Arctic Skua harassing the terns and trying to steal their food!

Regular bookwork is progressing as we'd hoped. Mr 16 is whizzing through the computer course at the Polytech but he's found physics more challenging than he'd expected so we've rejigged how he's doing that. Miss 13 has just hit a bump with French so we'll take a week or two to back up and hopefully iron our the wrinkles before carrying on. She's really enjoying Real Science Odyssey - the worksheets are a big attraction apparently and we're slowly feeling our way with Big History - as expected Mr 16 is more comfortable with the approach than Miss 13 but she's  happy to stick with it for a while longer. We're both hoping that once we finish the introductory unit next week she'll find the actual meaty content more interesting.

I've managed to fit in some good reading time this week, finishing Khaled Hosseni's And the Mountains Echoed and beginning Kate Atkinson's Life After Life.  Miss 13 is still reading up a storm. I've just returned her completed pile to the library and can't recall any titles but  Inkheart is currently on her bedside table.

In good news Mr 16's camera is now repaired so hopefully there will be some photos to share next week.


  1. I loved And the Mountains Echoed!

  2. I think I first saw it recommended by you. In fact a lot of my recent reading is coming via your blog.