Friday, December 27, 2013

Week ending 29 December

Normally I love the days after Christmas - all the hustle, bustle and hard work is over and it is a great chance to kick back, relax and do nothing apart from enjoying summer. This year hasn't gone like that.

Monday was a bit of a mad rush buying last minute gifts (only because we had no idea what to get anybody this year, so kept procrastinating in the hope we'd get a great idea which we never did) and food. Tuesday I was busy in the kitchen - mainly preparing desserts. My kids are traditionalists and if we have something one Christmas they want to have it every subsequent Christmas. This resulted in three desserts being made - trifle, raspberry cheesecake and pavlova rolls. I also made the stuffing for the turkey and made black currant jam. Mr 21 did look at me like I was slightly insane - I mean who makes jam on Christmas Eve? But Dh had picked the black currants from our bush the day before and I still hadn't come up with a gift for our elderly neighbour, plus fresh jam would go really well with bagels for breakfast. So once I finished with the jam I made bagels as well. The day ended with yet another driving lesson for Mr 16 (every time he comes into the same room as me it is to ask if we can go driving! ) plus A Miracle on 34th Street

In some ways Christmas Day was really low key especially in terms of gift giving. Plenty of time spent in the kitchen preparing vegetables - new season carrots, potatoes and peas  not to mention a broccoli salad, a zucchini mint salad and, my personal favourite,  a mixture of roast peppers, red onions and cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar. With my  parents plus Dh's mother and brother joining us , and Mr 21 being home this year (last Christmas he was in Australia on a summer scholarship) it was a nice family day. Very different from when the kids were younger though.

 Boxing Day was a bit of a blur as Mr 16 was packing for Jamboree - let's just say his idea of organisation and mine are a little different and I wasn't surprised that we needed to make one trip to collect some items he needed but didn't have. At least there were plenty of leftovers so cooking wasn't required. On Friday morning Mr 16 had to be at the airport by 7:30 am. Then I took Miss 13 to buy her own binoculars. She's been saving for a while and with birthday and Christmas money finally had enough for the pair she wanted. The rest of the day was spent with more packing chaos as Miss 13 and Dh got ready to leave.

It's now Saturday morning. Dh and Miss 13 had to be at the airport by 6:30am. Luckily it is close by so I didn't have to get out of bed too early. With them safely away I can finally relax and do nothing. Sadly the weather isn't cooperating - cold, rainy and very unsummery! Still it gives me a good excuse to put off the gardening, curl up with a good novel, browse through my new cookbook (thanks Mr 16 - not sure I intend to do any actual cooking though - when you are used to cooking for six it hardly seems worth the bother when there are only three people left to feed) and eat chocolate. The courier arrived an hour ago, delivering a new homeschooling book. I try to read something new each year - just to keep things fresh and ensure I don't fall into a rut. So I may just crack the cover of that as well.

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  1. Sounds like everyone is trying some new things to bring us all our of the midyear school rut. I can identify with older kids and Christmas. It feels way different from when they were small. I just enjoy spending time with them now and not so much about the gift giving part.