Friday, December 27, 2013

Week Ending 22 December 2013

The main focus this week should have been last minute preparations for Christmas - and goodness knows I'm still not as prepared as I would like to be - but we had yet another birthday in the family. This week it was Miss 18's turn and she opted for  a party/pot luck dinner with 20-30 of her closest friends. So a little more work than Miss 13's and Mr 16's birthdays last month. Now our fridge is stuffed with leftovers and I'm desperate to get it emptied so I can start filling it with Christmas food! So much so that I didn't bat an eyelid when various offspring told me about their less than nutritious breakfast choices this morning.

We have managed a few Christmassy things. Not sure what it says about our family that the one activity we all took part in this week was watching  A Christmas Carol on DVD - the Muppets version! We've got a couple more videos to watch between now and Christmas.Miss 13 managed to combine her birding passion with Christmas by making some of these decorations for our trees. The two oldest have been incredibly busy with various Christmas functions and other end of year parties.

Dh has had an unexpected week off work. His department was supposed to move from their post-earthquake temporary accommodation into a newly repaired building. Everything was packed up and  moved over to the building when someone discovered there hadn't been enough sprinklers installed so staff aren't allowed in until that has been fixed - hopefully early in the new year. Not a bad time of year to get a bonus holiday!

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