Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week Ending 3 November 2013

It's been a fairly relaxed week around here. We seem to just be cruising through our days doing the same old things - lots of reading, some game playing, viewing our online classes, some cooking, some gardening, plus continuing to plug away at French and Latin.

The main highlight was a birding trip to a local lake where we finally had success spotting some of the Arctic migrants that can often be seen in the area over our spring and summer, albeit in a hit and miss manner. Up until now we had never been in the right place at the right time. This time a small group of five birds flew over head then landed nearby and started feeding , giving us plenty of time to observe and identify them as Turnstones. We didn't have the camera with us unfortunately.

We spiced up our French a bit this week with two apps - Memrise and Duolingo. They are proving to be a good way of getting more exposure to well-spoken French, with an accent much better than mine. I'm also roping in Miss 18 since she pursued French for a few years and developed a passable accent.

We had a sausage sizzler fundraiser for the Scout Jamboree this weekend. Dh was meant to be participating along with Miss 12 but he is currently incapacitated by a nasty cough every time he eats, talks or moves. So I went in his place and Mr 15 came to lend a hand. Fundraising isn't my favourite thing to do but sausage sizzles are not too bad.

In one of those "Wow my kids really are growing up" moments Miss 18 received an invitation to her friend's wedding. Admittedly this friend is a few years older than Miss 18 but it is sobering to realise that she is old enough to have friends who are marrying. Possibly even more sobering was thinking the friend was so young to be marrying and then realising that she's the same age I was when Dh and I married!

I've been spending some of my spare time not exactly planning but thinking seriously about next year. As is typical for me I'm torn between lots of great looking curricula and leaving the kids free to pursue their own interests and passions. In reality I'll probably plan one or two courses to give us some structure, but leave other areas and plenty of time open to be filled with those things they are passionate about. The battle will be getting the balance between the two just right - and then working out what great looking courses we should pick and which to pass over. It's a problem I'm having in my own life as well as the kids education - so many great things I want to pursue and clearly not enough time to do so.

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