Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week Ending 24 November 2013

The week started with a big event  - a birthday . Miss 12 is now Miss 13. Celebrations were quiet because she opted for one large early gift in lieu of a party. Can't believe my baby is now a teenager - even though she is nearly taller than me. Plus she now has the pierced ears to prove it - a gift from Miss 18. Years ago Dh declared that the girls had to be 13 before they were allowed to get their ears pierced . So finally being able to get them done was a big deal.

The rest of the week was fairly quiet and uneventful. I think Miss 13 was enjoying some down time after the busy week before. There was plenty of reading including Charles and Emma and Longbourn  (Pride and Prejudice. The Servants' Story) plus lots of game playing - Fluxx  is the current favourite.  There were errands and catching up on Coursera classes and the on-line bird class, not to mention the resumption of trampoline training after the break for the World Champs. We also started to deep clean and declutter the house  -  one of those tasks I hate doing but enjoy having done. We also spent plenty of time in the garden - weeding seems a never ending task, not to mention pruning, staking,watering and some more planting.

The week ended with another big event - Scout camp for Miss 13 and Dh. This was a prelude to the National Scout Jamboree which starts just after Christmas.  Lots of fun by all accounts (except having to get up prior to 7am to help prepare breakfast for 48 people - Miss 13 is not a morning person!) and a good opportunity to get to know those they'll be living and working with for ten days.

Rolling her troop's new Jamboree scarf.

Cooperative challenge using pulleys to pour water from the teapot into the pan.

Stretcher race. Construct your stretcher, then carry a patient over the course as quickly and safely as you can.

Same stretcher - different patient.

Team based barrel racing.


  1. I love the cooperative learning! My girls would enjoy participating in something like that.

  2. Happy HAPPY Birthday to your teenager. I love 13! It is the best age so far. I love the pictures of the Scout Camp. How fun!!! :)