Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week Ending 13 October 2013

This was an uninspired week - I blame the cold, windy weather. At least we had the regular stuff to carry on with. Miss 12 continued with her French and Latin and watched her final bird class of the quarter . This week's topic was Trogons and Mousebirds. Her video  - a PowerPoint presentation on birds' nests was played this week as well and got some positive feedback which helped to make the painful technical learning process worthwhile - we could have done with some advice from the girls at 7 Cool Homeschoolers! She also spent plenty of time in the kitchen and plenty more time reading (Chinese Cinderella was one I spotted her with).We did get one birding expedition in on  a day when the weather was nice. No photos though.

I decided to focus on one of the Thomas Jefferson Education keys You, Not Them,  and enrolled in a couple of Coursera courses - - A Brief History of Humankind (this one was half over before I discovered it so I'm working hard to get through two or three lessons per week so I can get caught up before it finished!) and What a Plant Knows. Miss 12 is viewing the plant course with me and both her and Mr 15 have looked  in on the history one from time to time. I think they'll be keen to watch more when we get to topics they are more interested in. Not only are the courses personally interesting but it is a great way for me to try out Coursera before having the kids use it. I'm  keeping my eyes open for courses that they (especially  Mr 15) might be interested in doing next year.

The highlight of the week has been the end of the university teaching year. Dh has had a horrendous semester workload wise and has been working 7 days (and nights) a week since June with no time off. The end of the teaching year means he should no longer have to regularly work nights or weekends and we may actually get to see him again! Miss 18 is also feeling relieved - although not as relieved as she will be once finals are over!

The cricket season officially gets underway this coming week and Mr 15 had  a trial match this weekend. Despite not having  a good game he was thrilled to earn promotion to a higher grade. One of his friend did  as well and they'll be reunited with a third guy who they first played with when they were 7 or 8. Dh coached all three of them for several years. On the downside cricket practise clashes with trampoline training so I'll spend at least two days a week driving from one side of the town to the other and constantly juggling which kid has to get dropped off early and/or picked up late. I do envy those with just one child or those who can at least manage to get their kids interested in doing the same thing at the same time. That's one parenting skill I never mastered when they were younger and it is totally impossible now they are older and involved in higher level sport. Short of telling one of them they have to quit I'm resigned to my fate!

I'm hoping that the weather will be better next week - Miss 12 and I have a couple of really exciting birding opportunities coming up. One of them involves a boat and I don't normally do well with boats so wish me luck. I fear I'm going to need it!

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  1. Can't wait to hear how your birding adventures go! Hope the boat experience goes well for you:)