Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week Ending September 29

Miss 12 is very much in a  low tide/interest-led/unschooling/ delight-driven phase. During this week she has chosen to:

* Review her Latin vocabulary everyday. She likes flashcards and has decided to do ten cards "most days" to keep it fresh in her mind for when she continues with the next book in series.

* Resume learning French. We'd done some French - light and fun stuff - when she was much younger but now she's decided to get more serious. She's picked So You Really Want to Learn French which we had on the shelf since her older siblings used it several years earlier.

* Spend some time reviewing her knowledge of bird calls and worked on some new ones.

* Take a trip back to the wetlands to see if the Welcome Swallow eggs had hatched and to see if any Shining Cuckoos had arrived for the season. We were surprised to discover the eggs had not yet hatched (they take15-19 days to incubate and we first saw them fifteen days ago) and not so surprised that there was no sign of the cuckoos (reports place the first ones of the season just outside the city - but since we were going we thought we'd look anyway) . It'll give us a good excuse to go back next week and we enjoyed seeing the birds that we saw anyway.

* Work on a PowerPoint presentation on birds' nests. Her online bird class included the option for the students to do a live presentation to their classmates. Live is not an attractive option for us given the class meets at 3am our time, so the plan is to record the presentation, upload to YouTube and have that played in class while we are sleeping!

*  Spend several hours finalising the first stage of a long-term secret project she is involved in.

*  Play plenty of board and card games.

* Read - fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, newspapers, ornithology journals.

* Browse my boards on Pinterest and plan out some activities she'd like to work on in the next few weeks.

* Take some photos and contribute to the Great Nature Project.

* Participate in her online bird class. This week's class was on swifts and hummingbirds.

* Go on a birding expedition. We visited two locations, one of which was new to us. Although, frustratingly, we didn't see any new species, we did see and hear lots that made our hearts sing - Skylarks soaring overhead, the flash of emerald and blue of a Kingfisher hunting, the trill of a Grey Warbler singing, a large flock of Bar-Tailed Godwits feeding (this was the first time we've seen them this season since they migrated back from the Arctic), a Welcome Swallow that perched close to us for the longest time.

* Attend three trampoline training sessions.

* Work on some Mind Benders puzzles from Critical Thinking  Co.- Our book is from the old C series and the further we go the tougher they get!

* Play Set and Kenken online.

* Make further attempts to train her budgie. Some books say this will be difficult since his wings haven't been clipped but she enjoys spending time with him regardless of the outcome.

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  1. What a great week Sandra. I feel like we could get more done if we could slow down. Keilee loves flash cards too. We have some Latin ones I need to dig out. Love all the bird study as always. I know she loves the trampoline training. Happy October!!!