Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week Ending 4 August

Miss 12 had her last live bird class via Currclick. This one was on a bird we are pretty familiar with - the kiwi!  Despite ongoing technical problems these classes have been worthwhile - she's pleased to be getting comments on her posts to the class blog. I was delighted last weekend/earlier this week  when Currclick had a Pay What You Want Sale . All four quarters of the bird classes for the 2013/2014 year  were available. For us the regular price was a bit steep but I was thrilled to buy the whole year's worth at a price of my choosing. Even if she doesn't want to continue for the entire year I'll be happy I made the purchase.

We're on the final chapter of the American Chemical Society's Middle School Chemistry programme. It has been a great fit for us. Most of the experiments and demonstrations have been easy to do at home - and You Tube has come to my aid when they haven't. The pacing of the lessons and the explanations has been just right and I'm pretty confident that Miss 12 has gained a solid grounding in the basics of chemistry

We took another trip to see the swans and discovered several new pairs near the smaller pond. A couple of them were calling to each other, mutually displaying etc. We'll be interested to see if any have started building nests when we pop back next week.

We finally started looking at the art of Jacob Lawrence - an artists I'd never heard of until I saw him (and some good resources) featured on a fellow blogger's page a couple of year's ago. I had planned to pair him with our study of Duke Ellington several weeks back but somehow we  were sidetracked with Edvard Munch then. The good thing about this is it gives us a chance to review Ellington now. We found a fun interactive site which was a great introduction to his Migration series - plus it included a track by Duke Ellington that we hadn't heard earlier! It had me grooving on my office chair until Miss 12 pleaded with me to stop ;-)

Miss 12 and I attended an evening meeting of the ornithological society I think we'll enjoy the field meetings better but it was a chance to meet more people .. and pick up a few more tips.

Mr 15 started back at woodwork class this quarter. They are held in a local high school and for some reason are only held in the first and third quarter of each year. He's working on a bookcase this time around.

I'm busy pondering whether or not Miss 12 and I will travel to the trampoline nationals or whether I'll have her skip them this year. Trying to work out the best way for her to develop and enjoy the sport within our financial constraints, while dealing with the inevitable politics within the club and the sport as a whole does my head in sometimes.  I am definitely not cut out for this aspect of parenting. I actually hate competitive sports!

Mr 15 has been spending plenty of time working on his photography skills.

S0095628.JPG              DSCF5449.JPG

Spring is in the air :-) While outside this week I noticed a distinctive scent and found the daphne bush beginning to bloom. I love the fragrance of daphne. Closer inspection of the garden also showed the swan plant beginning to get new leaves. Hopefully the Monarchs will return to lay eggs in six weeks or so. Even though this winter has been relatively mild so far, signs of spring are always welcome. I'm looking forward to getting out into the garden once it warms up a little and dries out a bit.

Other things that made me smile this week were receiving a letter from a good friend who sadly now lives overseas - and chatting online with her as well. For some reason we've never done that before even though our daughters frequently do. We also had a surprise visit from my parents - albeit a brief one. They really hate earthquakes so we hardly ever see them up here anymore.

Other than that it was a fairly uneventful week - relatively productive but not very exciting.


  1. I am always inspired to spend more time outside and watch the birds after I have visited your blog! I think I will do that today...sounds peaceful and restoring:)

  2. A great week Sandra. I love Currclick so much! I totally wasn't able to get to their "Pay What You Want" sale. :/ I'm about to follow that Chemistry link. Keilee said something the other day about wanting to do Chemistry.