Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week Ending 25 August 2013

It's been a tough week. The news regarding redundancies was, at first glance, not as bad as we had feared. Only one position to be lost and dh's role is not in the firing line. However, this plan is not yet finalised and his colleagues, whose positions may be cut and who effectively have to reapply for their jobs, are not happy that dh's role is protected. Things have the potential to turn fairly nasty.

As a result of the job and financial uncertainty we had to make the call not to allow Miss 12 to attend the National Trampoline Championships. I'm gutted and feel like a bad mother.  While disappointed she is understanding which in some ways makes me feel better but in other ways makes me feel worse.

Not surprisingly, it doesn't feel like this week was our most exciting learning wise. Routine work happened - and in many ways the routine was especially valuable - but it certainly wasn't a week I'd use to advertise the benefits and joys of a homeschooling lifestyle ;-)

We did end well though. Yesterday Miss 12 and I  took a trip with some local birds to some bush remnants within the city that have been used for 5 Minute Bird Counts.  We were glad that we had made some progress on identifying birds by call only and vowed to make more progress on this since some species are much more likely to be heard than seen. We did get especially good viewings of bellbirds and fantails, not to mention red admiral butterflies. Today we enjoyed an hour or two in the garden, attempting to make up for the months of neglect over winter. It's magical to see the spring growth and to look forward to making spring and summer plantings. Just have to finish clearing all the pesky weeds first!


  1. As a single Mom with limited income I know all about making choices about spending money. I hate disappointing Kei but she understands that, at times I just have to say no. Hoping for no negative feedback about your husband's job. The gardening sounds lovely. Have a wonderful week. ❤

  2. I am glad to hear things worked out for your husband's job. It is so stressful, I hope everything works out well.

    I feel like a bad mom all the time. I work two days a week, and if I didn't we would have more time for all kinds of things...and I think about quitting...but we have had to say no to activities and playdates and field trips because of my work schedule. Someone told me once that good moms never feel like they are doing enough.