Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week Ending 18 August 2013

The start of the week was beautiful and spring-like but I was still a little surprised when I found the first daffodil of the year blooming in the garden. Of course we had to recite Wordsworth. The lines

And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils
are really true. Scented spring flowers really do fill my heart with pleasure.

Another thing that fills our hearts with pleasure is birds. One of the highlights of the week was a bird ramble at a local wetland led by an experienced birder. The weather was lovely and we spotted thirty different species. Highlights for us included the Grey Warbler - a lovely songbird and the second smallest native -  plus the Glossy Ibis flying in and landing just a few metres in front of us. The bird hadn't been spotted for a few weeks so it was great to know that it hadn't come to any harm.

The other highlight came at the end of the week at a local inter-club trampoline competition. Miss 12 successfully completed a new routine and managed third place so she was pretty happy.

We're been doing plenty of reading. The two highlights have been A Single Shard (as much for the fact that we are doing it as a read-aloud - not sure why we fell out of the habit for a few weeks, but both Miss 12 and I are enjoying it again) and Avian Architecture, which is a very well-organised readable examination of bird nest building. Miss 12 will probably use it as the basis for a project for the first semester of her online bird class which starts this coming week.

There was plenty of action on the postcard front too. Three cards arrived her during the week and four of the cards we've sent have also arrived at their destinations - meaning we can look forward to more cards in our box in the next couple of weeks.

Science went much better this week than last. Not only did I already have all the supplies but all the experiments actually worked! Fizzing, bubbling, colour-changing chemical reactions are always fun.

However, the main event - not necessarily fun -  of the week has been this.

Dh's knee surgery went well and the recovery seems to be going smoothly so far. I seem to be very busy though doing all the stuff dh usually does around here plus remembering to take him his painkillers on a regular basis! Hopefully he'll get a little more mobile this week. Not that the kids mind since it gives them a great opportunity to join him for plenty of video watching!

In other matter related to dh the "change proposal" for his department was delayed until this week so we still don't know what his job status is likely to be next year. I just wish they'd hurry up - waiting and worrying is not fun!

In one of those "how you know your children are actually adults" moments Mr 21  had to leave for his office at 6am one morning since he had a conference call with some colleagues in Germany. For some reason I find it hard to believe my first-born is old enough to be having conference calls with colleagues.


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  1. I hope your husband is feeling better. When my husband had surgery last fall, we enjoyed having him around...tried to make the best of it.

    Your science looks and sounds great--and the bird-watching, too!