Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week ending 14 July

The week got off to a fun start. Miss 12 wanted to go and play a full round of Gap Golf - a series of mini golf courses dotted around the city on various empty lots that are still awaiting redevelopment. Mr 15 planned to join us but sadly the clubs they had were not suitable for left-handers so he decided to take photos while Miss 12 and I played. While we're not the world's best mini golfers we had a fabulous morning.

To get the ball in the hole at the top it was meant to go through the road cone. Ours kept ricocheting off the board and into the lot next door where there was a  coffee cart with outdoor tables. We felt the construction workers on break would have been safer if they'd kept their hard hats on!

This hole was meant to be par 6. We're not confessing  how many shots we took!

Early in the week she was busy revising and editing her photo-essay on the central city.  Later in the week she spent a bit of time writing and sending out postcards. Hopefully our mailbox will be full of bird cards in the next week or two. She has also spent a lot of time watching bird videos via YouTube and checking out some live cams - especially the puffin burrow now the chick has hatched.

I've started doing an online course designed to help plan an amazing homeschool semester. I had high hopes it would help me get out of my funk of a couple of weeks ago since  I've previously read, and got a lot out of, a book written by the course facilitator. Sadly, I'm pretty disappointed so far. It looks like large chunks of the course won't be relevant to me. But I'll hang in and hope that I can make the latter sections work for me.

In the meantime I'm looking forward to next week. Miss 12 and I have got a couple of exciting things planned (hope the weather cooperates) and someone in the family has a significant birthday to celebrate.

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  1. Gap golf sounds fun, unless you are a leftie! We run into that from time to time...we have two lefties and two righties in our family.

    I hope your course improves and you get some useful material and inspiration!