Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week Ending 16 June

As promised, to myself as much as anything, I paid a lot more attention to what we were all reading this week. In no particular order here is what was on our bedside tables.

Miss 18 had finals for her first semester classes so most of her reading was psychology textbooks. Once the exams were over though she read The Great Gatsby, prior to seeing the movie with a friend this coming week.

 I 'm in a bit of a fiction funk right now - not sure what I want to read. But The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a reliable favourite that I reread about once a year. Look Me in the Eye was an interesting insight into Aspergers.

Miss 12 doesn't have too many books on the go right now. We are really enjoying Catherine Called Birdy as a read aloud. The others she is reading by herself. She's a bit miffed I won't let her tackle the original Canterbury Tales - not at all impressed when I mention adult content being best left for a while!

Animal Farm is a reread for Mr 15. we did it as a read aloud a couple of years ago. After hearing Snoopy's Christmas every December he said reading the real story of The Red Baron was especially interesting.

Mr 20 is teaching himself programming and has decided to read some classics in his spare time. He prefers the Ancient Greeks to Dante though but has determined that he will finish regardless.

Dh doesn't get a lot of time to read since he is regularly working 15-16 hour days at the moment. Pratchett is for light relief, Tolkien is an old favourite and he is happy just to reread favourite scenes if that is all he has time for. The other two are sort of work related.

Apart from reading we've had a fairly uneventful week. I was asking the kids "Haven't we done anything interesting this week" and Mr 15 replied "But isn't ordinary good?" And I guess it is. The events of recent years have certainly convinced me that exciting is not always good.

We did squeeze in a trip to the swans this week. The cygnets are noticeably larger and more capable, squabbling with each other over the bread Miss 12 fed them.

We also saw a Little Black Shag drying its wings. Although not rare, they are not as common is these parts as the similar looking Little Shags.

Miss 12 and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making several new recipes - a beetroot and feta risotto, a chicken pot pie, beef rissoles in a mushroom and wine sauce, and a cheesy bread pudding - from the cookbook in my reading pile. All were fine but not sure any will make it onto regular rotation.

Mr 15's indoor cricket team won! It is their first win of the season so he was quite pleased.

Miss 12 and I have started listening to an audiobook version of Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer. It's a good choice on audio - the accents are far better than my read-aloud rendition would be. As we listen Miss 12 knits.

We did have plans to go to an  outdoor farmers market today and select some fresh vegetables, preferably some unusual ones, to celebrate Fresh Veggies Day. But it has rained so heavily since last night that the market was cancelled. We settled for making vegetable pizzas instead. The girls also spent a large chunk of the day sorting out their rooms. Bags of stuff they no longer want or need are ready to be donated to charity which is great.

We've also been doing a lot of geography, trying to correctly memorise all the countries of the world. Continental North America and South America have been mastered and Europe is nearly conquered. We've mainly been using fill in the blank maps and online games from Sheppard Software and Lizard Point. If the interest keeps up I'm predicting Africa will be our biggest challenge, not to mention all the little island nations.


  1. Love the good books and new recipes this week:) And the cygnets are getting so big! Enjoying the weekly updates!

  2. I love how you celebrate different days like Fresh Veggies Day.

    You all read some really deep books! Good for you!! You have inspired me to try to challenge myself!

    1. Don't get too impressed by our reading piles. Mr 20 often reads scifi/fantasy (some classics but many jstbtwaddle), Miss 12's frequently includes Calvin and Hobbes comic books. Miss 18 is currently on a rereading all the Harry Potter books binge and Mr 15 would only read the newspaper and computer magazines if I didn't require some reading from a pre-approved list of titles. If I'd taken the photos today or last week you'd have seen books in my pile that I'd seen in your reading pile first!

  3. I love the piles of books too. I used to refuse to read but one book at a time. That has changed with reading aloud to Keilee and having a Kindle. I have several books going at once. I LOVE the swans!! Gorgeous. And I am with Theresa, I love all the obscure holidays. I always print out a calendar with cool holidays but am horrible at follow up!

  4. How did I miss Fresh Veggies Day?! I guess it's not too late to celebrate:) Great photo of the bird with outstretched wings! ANd again I am inspired by the things your daughter is cooking. Yum!