Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Learning List

I thought Miss 12 had given up on these but she belatedly wanted to brainstorm some ideas for the month. This is what we came up with -

7 June is National Doughnut Day (in the US at least) so we planned to buy and enjoy some gourmet doughnuts. June 16 is Fresh Veggies Day and 17 June is Eat Your Veggies Day so we thought we'd make some new vegetable rich recipes on at least one of those days. Chocolate Eclair Day is June 22 so we're going to try and make our own - even though an earlier attempt at choux pastry wasn't very successful!

Not all our special day celebrations involve food. Matariki (Maori New Year) begins on June 10 so we'll read about that and go outside early in the morning to (hopefully) spot the star cluster, whose return marks the start of celebrations. American Eagle Day is June 20 so Miss 12 has decided that is a good opportunity to research that bird and possibly write a report or maybe do a power point presentation.

June 29 is Camera Day and that plus this week's 7 Cool Homeschooler's theme has inspired us to take lots of photos showing what life in our city is like post-earthquakes and compile them into a slide show or similar. We would do video but don't really have the technology. Hopefully I'll be able to post the finished product. I'm sure Mr 15 will help me with the technology!

Miss 12 is still keen to learn to crochet and to do some calligraphy. She got a fancy calligraphy pen for Christmas which she couldn't use at the time and has only just rediscovered it. She's also keen to do some creative writing exercises (possibly starting with some from here) and she'll ramp up her ornithology studies by researching and writing reports on some native birds we are unlikely to see, since they don't frequent our part of the country. Plus there are some projects started last month but not yet finished - handmade geodes, paper mache birds and a birdbath.

Finally June is National Audiobook Month. Miss 12 is not normally a fan preferring to read herself or have me read aloud. But we're going to give them a go again this month.

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