Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week ending May 12

We checked out What the World Eats - A Week's Worth of Groceries . Really interesting and made for some good conversation. We have considered photographing all our groceries for a week but I'm not sure that I'm brave enough. A family of six eats a lot especially when the family includes older boys! It reminded me of similar photos showing the sleeping arrangements of different children all around the world.

We finally filmed our 60 second version of Othello. Far from perfect but a fun experience. I thought Miss 12 did a great job with the script- focusing on the big picture details for the plot and keeping the flavour of Shakespearean language.

We sent out our first three Postcard Crossing cards. It'll be interesting to see how long they take to arrive, and the how long it takes for our first card to reach us.

I've noticed Miss 12 has been spending some time at the keyboard. She had lessons a few years ago but didn't enjoy them and didn't stick with it. However, she's now reteaching herself those early pieces. If the interest keeps up at least the older kids are available to offer a little guidance if she wants it. They all went further with keyboard lessons than  she did.

Miss 12 did a symmetry webquest. She enjoyed playing around with various interactives, especially the kaleidoscope images of her name. If you decide to do this note that the website as printed on  the worksheet is incorrect but the right one is on the website itself.

We went back to check on the swans  - three times! On Monday we had a lot of very heavy rain and Miss 12 was concerned the nest may have flooded since it was so close to the lake edge. So we braved the bitterly cold weather for a quick look. Fortunately all was well. It appears that mama swan has built up her nest a little and while the lake edge now laps at the nest,  the eggs are out of the water. On Wednesday we decided to go for another look and walk around the lake. Mama was still sitting on her eggs - no obvious change.  We were pleased to see that the two juvenile swans had moved to the smaller lake nearby. Papa swan had  attacked them and one had been injured so we think they are better in their new location. We were entranced by the acrobatic antics of the Welcome Swallows as they swooped over the lakes. Mr 15 wished for a better camera so he could capture the action but he did manage a shot of a swallow at rest, and some other birds too.

Male Chaffinch

Spur Winged Plover

Welcome Swallow

On Sunday we happened to be in the area so we stopped by  and were delighted to discover cygnets. We only spotted two under Mama but somebody told us they had seen four. What was interesting was how much more attentive Papa Swan was. On previous visits he was swimming and feeding on the lake - doing his own thing. Today he was swimming right in front of the nest  and obviously watching everything that was happening on the shore. He and Mama were constantly calling to each other. If anyone got too close to the nest (there were a lot of families checking them out) he would hiss and flap - taking his protective father role seriously!

We found out about Eleanor Estes and read a couple of her books in honour of her birthday.

The final Journey North Mystery Class  material came through. It's always interesting to learn a bit about each of the locations we spent so long tracking down!

Now that her arm is operating pretty close to normally Miss 12 finished her embroidered painting of a kingfisher.


  1. I love all of the bird watching and ornithology stuff you do!

    We checked out What the World Eats, too! Fascinating! It really made me realize how excessive we are where we live!

  2. What the World Eats sounds very interesting. Seems like you had lots of good things in your week :) Love the photos of the swans!

  3. Miss 12 did a beautiful job on her artwork! And your bird photos are amazing!

    We need to check out What the World Eats...sounds interesting:) We love Eleanor Estes.

    A 60 second Othello sounds fun too. Great week!