Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week ending May 19

We had some fun playing with words and their ditzy definitions  where you match words to their new definitions (often based on what they sound like rather than what they actually mean).

We started reading Adam of the Road.

Miss 18 passed her restricted driver's test! This is part two of a three part process. She's now allowed to drive by herself, but not after 10pm at night and not with passengers. She'll be able to sit the third and final test in six months. I'm pleased since Mr 20 is still on his learner's permit (he got it, then after a while decided he didn't want to drive and has only recently decided to drive again) and Mr 15 will be getting his learner's permit at the end of the year. With dh having a medical condition that stops him driving I wasn't looking forward to having three learners at once.

Two of our three Postcard Crossing cards reached their destinations - one to Germany and one to Slovenia. Looking forward to receiving our first cards in a week or two.

We had one of those "how you know you are a homeschooler" moments. We were the lucky recipients of some crayfish  (I think the North American equivalent is rock lobster) and dinner preparation  turned into an unplanned science lab with much observation (magnifying glasses and jeweller's loupes)  and dissection occurring. Lots of talk about adaptations and protection from predators too!

We made and played several rounds on this Science Adventures in Antarctica game.

Mr 15 attended a Careers Expo and came home with some ideas for some tertiary courses he might like to pursue in the future. The only way to gain admission is via the nationally recognized qualifications which we avoided with the older two. We're not fans of the system at all but it looks like I'll have to investigate it. Hopefully I can find a way for him to get what he needs without impinging on on educational ideals too greatly.

Miss 12 and I started work on this rag quilt. We think we'll need between 100 and 120 squares. We only got 30 cut out today so hopefully we'll make more progress this week.

Miss 12 made a collage self-portrait.

Mr 15 spent the weekend at a Scout camp. It was for a younger section that he is in and he was invited along to help run it and pass on some of his skills. He enjoys working with younger kids and helping out at events like this.

Of course it wouldn't be a proper post without a bird report and photo! We popped back to see the swans this week and got to see all four  cygnets out on the water with Mama and Papa in close attendance.

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  1. Yay for all the new drivers!

    i remember reading "Adam of the Road" when I was in middle school, I think. I forgot about that book.

    I love the photo of the cygnets!

    I am off to check out the collage self portrait!