Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Week the Wires Came Out

The main story of the week was Miss 12's arm - more specifically the removal of the wires that have been holding the bones together since she broke them before Christmas. It was a little more involved than I had thought. For some reason I thought the wires were attached to the bones but it turns out they were actually threaded through the bones. However, the surgery was straightforward and went well. The worst  bit for Miss 12 was not being allowed to eat for eight hours prior! (The large bag of potato chips - the only thing she felt like eating for 48 hours following the previous surgery - afterwards was some compensation).  Still the requirement to keep the arm raised for four or five days, plus the slight grogginess from a regular supply of painkillers,  cramped our style a little this week. Thank goodness we haven't got sick of Ticket to Ride and other board games. Our newest read-aloud (The Shakespeare Stealer) and the remainder of Life of Birds on DVD also helped pass the time. I spent longer than I wished tidying up and backing up computer files and coming up with an alternative to Google Reader. This is where Mr 15's computer knowledge came to the fore. I have no real inclination to learn much about computers and rely on him to rescue me from any technological difficulty.

A highlight of the week  was the release of the identities of the Journey North Mystery Classes. The Splendid School for Gracious Girls correctly identified them all, which is a pleasant surprise because we weren't 100% sure about a couple of them. We  also started watching David Attenborough's Galapagos and Miss 12 got to watch some videos with Miss 18, part of the latter's children's lit course.

Mr 15 spent the weekend tramping. It seems like I spent a fair chunk of the week helping him get organised - mainly chauffeuring duties. He had to buy  hut passes and the food for the group, plus he needed some new gear since he's grown - again. He had a great time, despite the wet, cold  miserable weather today. Miss 12 and I spent the weekend at a major trampoline competition. Her club was hosting it and even| though she wasn't competing all hands were required to  fill all the necessary volunteer  jobs. She wanted to support her team mates and helped out behind the scenes as well. A good chance to see all the work that goes in to making these events happen. We also had to complete some fundraising duties for Scouts so had a very full weekend. Looking forward to a more normal week next week and a quieter weekend.

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