Monday, May 6, 2013

May Learning List

Better late than never I guess. We had a bit of difficulty with this month's list - mainly trying to narrow it down to potentially manageable proportions! There is so much good stuff to learn and do, and not enough time to fit it all in. We didn't agree on what to prioritise either. While I was all in favour of marking Clean Your Room Day, Miss 12 was not at all enthusiastic! Anyway this is what we have decided on. A few things have carried over from last month, partly because we were too optimistic but also because the arm surgery took out more time that I'd planned on.

This month we are going to make handmade geodes, learn to crochet, create a paper self-portrait, make a rag quilt, construct a bird bath, complete a symmetry webquest, create a paper mache bird, make a field journal and make and play an Antarctic based board game.

We'll also be marking the following days
3  - Space Day (we'll probably just check out photos)
9  -  Eleanor Estes birthday (Miss 12 likes the name so we'll read about the author and read one of her books)
11 -  International Migratory Bird Day (probably a bird watching trip, maybe reading and watching videos too)
12-  Limerick Day (we'll read limericks and write our own)
15 -  National Chocolate Chip Day (baking cookies obviously)
18 - International Museum Day (Not sure if we'll visit ours or go for the virtual online experience of an overseas museum)
19 -  Postcard Day ( We've done postcard exchanges before and even managed one card from all 50 states - this time we've decided to give Postcard Crossing a try (with any luck we'll get some bird themed cards!), although it isn't as personal since you don't send  a card to the person you receive one from).
25 - International Jazz Day (lots of listening - we're paying special attention to Duke Ellington since he was born at then end of April and died in May)
31 - National Macaroon Day (we may attempt our own but I suspect we'll actually end up visiting the local specialist macaroon store and purchase a treat)

The final project we've decided on is going through all the bird orders in turn and learning about what makes them unique. Bound to be interesting since the number and composition of the orders seems to keep changing!

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  1. how do you make handmade geodes? I would love to see photos of that and hear how your experience goes! Also love the idea of all the art--I hope you can share photos of the quilts and things!