Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week ending 21 April

Some of the highlights from this week:
We've been creating
-  Oaty Cookies
-  Pasta with Chilli, Tomato, Eggplant and Feta
-  Russian Nesting Dolls

 - Plastic wind organs

We've been reading
Good Masters, Sweet Ladies
- Othello
Poetry for Young People:Edna St Vincent Millay
Norman Rockwell:Storyteller With a Brush 
- The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
 - The Elements

We've been watching
- Titanic (in honour of the anniversary of the sinking) 
- Birds - most notably an uncommon (to our part of the world that is) white heron, but also the green finches that are squabbling over the remains of our sunflowers
- Performances of Chopin's music on You Tube
- The second batch of Monarchs we've see this season form chrysalises
-  Trampolining at a local inter-club competition.

We've been playing
-  Board games especially Ticket to Ride (still) and Bohnanza
 - Apps including 94 seconds, Dropwords,  Seven  Little Words, Lexathon 

We've been celebrating

- Mr 20's graduation with a BSc (1st class honours)

- The end of term. Here the school year is four terms, each usually ten weeks long. Although we don't have to follow the school term  all the kids" extra-curricular activities do. One of us who shall remain nameless  - Mr 15  - ended up attending four end of term events through the different Scouting sections he is involved in as either a member or a volunteer helper . He undoubtedly ate far more treat food than can possibly have been good for him.

- A successful return to competition for Miss 12 after several months off due to injury. Admittedly it was a lower level competition than she would be expected to enter but it was important to get a competition under her belt (as well as competing the move that led to the injury in the first place) and she achieved that,  so mission successful. The placing was a nice bonus.


  1. Those Russian Nesting Dolls look great!
    So many wonderful reasons to celebrate :) Congrats to your Mr 20!

  2. What is that in the top picture? Those are so gorgeous. Did you make them? The White Heron is beautiful. Congrats to Miss 12! I can imagine it is hard to return after an injury. Happy Sunday.

    1. Hi Karen,
      The top photo is the set of Russian nesting dolls that me made (coloured and cut - there is nothing to it,) from the pattern at this site - It is in French but it is simple to figure out.

  3. Congratulations on Mr20's graduation!!!

    Piper has been wanting to make nesting dolls and we have looked at different options, but never seen ones like the ones you made. I just called her in and she is already looking for a website to show her how to make them!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I like the way you organized this post! Those nesting dolls are so cute.

    I love watching the birds too:)I see a heron on occasion down by the great and it always surprises me because I'm used to seeing the smaller songbirds up by our feeder in the yard. Herons are beautiful, aren't they?

    Congratulations to your son:)