Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Week with the Dog

Monday should have been a really productive day. We've just switched back from daylight savings time and everybody was up and working by 8am. However, it turned out to be not so productive after all. Once we'd done some Latin and worked through the latest Mystery Class clues  I went out for a mid-morning walk and noticed a dog wandering by itself. When I got home it was wandering up and down our street and onto the road. Mr 15 went out and brought it home. It had a phone number on its collar but the owners couldn't collect it until the afternoon. So most of the day was spent dog minding. He loved attention and whined whenever he was left alone outside so patting him etc was a full-time job. Miss 12 did manage a few bird sketches in honour of Draw a Bird day - her favourite was probably from a lesson based on James Rizzi's work.

Tuesday was cold and gloomy so Miss 12 and I spend a lot of the morning snuggled under the duvet reading - some poems by Emily Dickinson (Miss 12 has almost memorised Hope is the Thing with Feathers), a scene from Othello and several folk tales. A math lesson and a trip to the supermarket rounded out the morning. The afternoon involved the joys of paperwork and bureaucracy (relating to Miss 12's surgery later this month), some science experiments involving condensation, emails to a friend, some game playing , a bird video and bread making. She also did some knitting while listening to me read aloud and watching the video.

Wednesday morning was uneventful yet relatively productive  for Miss 12- Latin, maths, the beginnings of a report on the Crusades, some grammar, not to mention Othello and Ruby Bridges' Through My Eyes after looking at Norman Rockwell's The Problem We All Live With. The afternoon was spent reading, writing, playing games and working with Romeo. She chatted online with her best friend who moved away  several months ago and they made plans to write a book together. Mr 15 was very busy organising a two-day tramp (hike for you North Americans reading) he hopes to do next month. Sadly, the other guys who were meant to help with the organisation have pulled out so he's doing it all while hoping they'll still get the numbers needed for the tramp to count towards the requirements for a youth leadership programme he is involved with. Late afternoon Miss 12 had practice. This is the first week she has been back with her regular squad since she broke her arm and it was great to see her laughing and having a good time with one of her friends. She has really missed the social side of training for the past few months.

The card Miss 12 made for me.

Thursday was the day I turned another year older. Miss 12 and I had the house to ourselves for most of the day since dh had a  rare in-office day and Mr 15 spend the day working with my brother-in-law labouring and gardening. In many ways it was a repeat of yesterday but Miss 12 also spent some time in the kitchen and made a lemon coconut slice as well as cheesy bean patties for dinner. In the evening she went to Scouts, where they learnt about rocketry and even got to make their own gunpowder! Here both girls and boys attend Scouts together - the organisation as a whole seems more liberal than its North American counterpart.

Friday was fairly quiet - I thought I was coming down with the cold that Mr 20 and dh are just recovering from.Miss 12 did some weekly math problems and we attempted Maori but the latest programme we decided to try was a bust from the beginning. Back to the drawing board on that one. Miss 12 is even considering giving Maori away and maybe learning French - which would be much easier since we own several good quality resources which I know will work well for her. Still if she wants to learn Maori I refuse to admit defeat - at least just yet! Miss 12 had training and Mr 15 had his last woodwork class for the term. Normally he bikes but I had to collect him since the table he made was a little hard to transport home on the back of his bike!

The weekend got off to  a busy start with three people (four counting the  poor overworked chauffeur) having to be out the door before 8:30am on Saturday. Miss 12 had early morning training due to a competition this weekend (not that she is back competing yet) followed by a Scout fundraiser, Mr 15 had a mountain safety course (compulsory for the youth leadership course, yet really boring for him because he already knew all the stuff from his Scouting experiences) which lasts all weekend long, and Miss 18 had Kung Fu grading. Miss 12 and I  fitted in a couple of games of Scrabble in the afternoon to mark Scrabble Day. Sunday was much quieter for me since the cold I thought was not developing knocked me about a bit. I did help Miss 12 with the colouring for the nesting dolls she is making - colouring is a nice soothing activity when you don't feel like doing much else! We also worked on the final Mystery Class clues - since the coming week is going to be busy we thought we'd make a head start and watched the final Earthflight episode.


  1. You've been busy!

    What a cute dog:) Glad you helped the poor thing out...sounds like staying at your house for a bit was kind of like a vacation.

    We recently read a book about Ruby Bridges too and saw that painting at the Norman Rockwell display at the art museum last month!

    We need to break out our Scrabble game. We love board games, but we haven't played Scrabble in ages.

    1. One of the advantages of trying to play all the games we own (we've run out of steam and still haven't finished, even excluding the "boys' games" - military strategy type games - that don't appeal to Miss 12) is that it got us reacquainted with ones that had been forgotten.

  2. So, what happened with the dog? Did you find it's owner??

    Your weeks are so productive!

    1. I know Miss 12 was hoping the owner didn't show but he came around when he finished work. The dog did seem pleased to see him but he (the owner) was a lot more casual about his dog wandering around on roads that I would have been.

      I do worry about our days. Are we trying to be too productive? Would we be better spending more time on fewer things? But then what would we not do? As it is we seem to have trouble picking and have more that we want to do than we know we can reasonably hope to accomplish. Clearly I have too much free time if I'm engaging in such pointless exercises ;-)

  3. What a cute dog! Keilee would have begged to keep it. :) I am laughing at your comment to Theresa. I question myself so often too. Especially since we have been 'unschooling'. I love that both boys and girls attend Scouts. Keilee has always thought that looked more fun than Girl Scouts. Happy late birthday!