Sunday, April 7, 2013

April's First Week

This week has had far too many errands for my liking - optometrist, dentist, physiotherapist, private coaching sessions, meetings....but once again I feel better when I look at all the learning and good stuff that actually happened anyway.

* We read about April Fool's Day, learned about Norman Rockwell's April Fool: Girl With a Shopkeeper and had some fun with puns.

* We also worked on our Journey's North Mystery Class project - there are classes in the USA, China, Antarctica, Germany, Iceland and Tanzania among other places. Some places are still proving somewhat tricky to pin down, but we're confident we'll nail them all before the end.
* Miss 12 completed a paper weaving kit. Getting everything lined up was a little tricky but she was reasonably pleased with the finished product.

Paper weaving - birds of course!
* We  marked the anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's birth by listening to several of his stories on line.

 * We  visited another pet store seeking more information on birds. Now that we have an empty cage Miss 12 is keen to get a bird of her own and is carefully researching options before making her final decision - budgie or canary, male or female. We also visited the library to choose some books to help in the decision-making process.

* Not as much time was spent in the kitchen this week but the Roasted Pepper and Chicken Tart was a favourite with everybody, as was the gingerbread.

* Miss 12 spent a morning at the mall with Miss 18. I hate shopping but the girls do not and both needed new clothes so a nice sisterly outing was in order.

* We made a math version of Guess Who. We each thought of twelve different numbers, wrote them on cardboard and used bluetack to stick them on the original game boards.  Not exactly pretty, but quick and easy which is what I'm all about. Some good math thinking went on as we tried to guess which number the other person had.

* We played this art version of the classic "I Have...Who Has...?" game. We both learnt some new art terms as a result!

* We began reading Othello aloud - one scene per day. It is more challenging than Twelfth Night which we did a couple of months ago but she is keen. She does say that in the next scene I have to read Iago - he had some pretty lengthy speeches in the scene just completed!

* We're enjoying our daily installment of new poetry via 30 Poets/30Days and are also making good progress memorizing Emily Dickinson's Hope is the Thing with Feathers. While we work on this we are enjoying more of her poetry via the Poetry For Young People collection.

* Mr 15 is having a few problems with his science. The text he picked turns out not to explain things as well as he would like. Thankfully Mr 20 is helping him out. It is one of the big benefits of having the older kids still living at home. Another benefit is the younger kids can see first hand the effort the older ones put in to their university studies. They are in no doubt as to the amount of hard work required to do well!

* We watched three videos on  endangered native birds - sadly we have a lot of species in that category.

* We started Not One Damsel in Distress as a read aloud. After Great Expectations last month and Othello as well I wanted something that tripped off the tongue a little more readily!

* Since Ticket to Ride has been such a huge hit around here - I would say 4 of us  have played at least once every day since we got it at the start of the year - we decided to treat the family to the USA 1910 expansion pack. Needless to say much game playing has resulted.

* I was especially pleased to celebrate No Housework Day ;-)

* After much research and soul searching a decision on bird ownership was reached and Romeo joined our family. Miss 12 is looking forward to training him. Apparently they can be toilet trained but I'm not sure she is that ambitious at the moment!


  1. We've been enjoying 30 Poets/30 Days, too :)
    I love the paper weaving!
    I wasn't quite able to enjoy No Housework just didn't work out for me...oh well, maybe another time.
    I don't like to shop either. How nice that you can send the two girls out together to get it done!
    Congrats on the new addition of Romeo to your family :)

  2. How did I miss No Housework Day?! I think I'll celebrate today:)

    What a great week of learning and living! Love that paper weaving. It turned out beautifully! And the math game y'all created sounds fun too:)

    Romeo is quite beautiful. I know my youngest would love to have a bird, but our indoor cat might keep that from happening any time soon!

  3. I never even knew that there was a No Housework day! How did I miss that?? lol.

    I love that Guess Who game idea!

    sounds like a great week...I don't like having a lot of errands either!

  4. The only reason No Housework Day worked for me was because I made a point of it - "If you guys want clean dishes today you'll have to do them - I'm celebrating no Housework Day".We do have an indoor cat but she has never bothered our bird - just looks at it in a curious manner when it makes too much noise. We did get woken up one night by our bird making a lot of noice. A stray cat had come in through the cat flap and was on top of the bird's cage trying to break in!. Since our cat never used the cat flap we sealed it up.

    1. Oh my goodness...I certainly would have sealed up that cat flap too!
      I am thinking I might pick some random day and celebrate my own No Housework Day! :)