Monday, April 1, 2013

April Learning List

This month we'll be celebrating or commemorating the following special days April Fools Day, Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, No Housework Day (I'm sure this will be my favourite!), Draw a Picture of a Bird Day, Scrabble Day, Titanic Remembrance Day, Leonardo da Vinci's birthday, the anniversary of Paul Revere's ride, Talk Like Shakespeare Day and Anzac Day. Mostly we've got small, obvious stuff planned - read a book,watch a movie, draw a bird, play a game of Scrabble. For Talk Like Shakespeare Day we'll take some idea from here, but  also inspiration from Seven Cool Homeschoolers and the BBC's 60 Second Shakespeare and make a short movie probably using puppets. This is bound to be frustrating a positive learning challenge since we've no previous movie making experience. It will probably be Othello since she asked if we could read it aloud - one scene a day like we did with Twelfth Night in February.

We're becoming honourary Americans and marking National Poetry Month via 30Poets/30Days. We'll do another poetry teatime(maybe the day before Miss 12 has surgery to remove the wires in her arm - might be a good way to take her mind off things) and have set ourselves the challenge of memorizing a couple of poems.

Pinterest is a great place for me to strew things I think Miss 12 might enjoy. She browsed through my boards and picked a few things she's like to do this month. There's lots of arts and crafts - printable nesting dolls, embroidered paintings, plastic wind organs, a homemade field journal,  plus printing and playing an art "I have...who has" game. To my surprise she also picked a few math activities - a symmetry webquest, some math problems of the week and a Guess Who numbers game. Then (no surprises here),  there are lots of bird related activities - make different types of feeders and see which birds prefer which ones, make a bird bath, make felted birds, make paper mache birds, and watch David Attenborough Life of Birds series again.

A long awaited highlight for Miss 12 will be taking part in the Junior Keeper for a Day programme at a local wildlife park. She was meant to attend in December but broke her arm two days before and was still in hospital recovering from surgery. For me one highlight will be Mr 20's graduation ceremony. He'll be receiving his BSc (Hons) and I'm hoping he gets the extra seats he's requested so the whole family can attend.

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  1. This is a GREAT list! The girls and I have mostly planned out our list, but since I am working a few extra days this week, I am not sure when I'm going to get the post typed up.