Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week ending 31 March

I felt like I'd run out of steam and enthusiasm this week so it is reassuring to see how much good stuff happened anyway.

We are learning lots from raising and observing these guys!

We finished Great Expectations! I'm a little relieved since I don't find Dickens the easiest to read aloud. Miss 12 really enjoyed it though and it lead to some good discussions about aspects of life in Victorian Britain, why Dickens used so many words, as well as to comparisons with Oliver Twist. I know a relative has Bleak House on DVD so we may look at borrowing that in the future.

Miss 12 was especially busy creating wonderfulness in the kitchen  - Waffles and Blueberry Sauce, Goan Fish Curry, Passionfruit Melting Moments, Hot Cross Buns (3 dozen on Good Friday! - we did give some away), Moroccan Strudel, a Cocoa Cola Cake similar to this, and homemade pasta with pumpkin sauce.

We watched  episodes of  Kingdom of Plants, Earthflight, Jamie's 15 Minute Meals and a British real estate programme - we love looking at all the houses and picking which one we'd like to move into.

We've played plenty of games as we attempt to carry on from our game day and play all our games by the end of the month. Cadoo and the ever-popular Ticket to Ride are still getting plenty of use. Among those that haven't been played for a while the most popular seemed to be Loot and Carcassonne - especially the time we played with four expansions at once. (I hope these links are actually useful - the sound on our computer wasn't working so I had to go on look alone.)

We saw a fantail on our backyard. Although these birds aren't rare we do not often see them in our yard. They are among our favourite birds - they seem so cheerful flitting about and flicking their tails. We smile every time we see them.

We completed the first unit in Middle School Chemistry and Miss 12 likes it and thinks she'll stick with it for a while. She claims not to like science - or at least anything not nature related - so I'm pleased she seems to be enjoying this. We've had a few false starts with chemistry related resources recently.

The first interdisciplinary clues arrived for our Mystery Class project. It was good to see we were on the right track for all of them and we were able to narrow  down the location for a couple of them. Always satisfying!

We  (mainly Miss 12  - I just had to pull the string extra tight on occasion when her arm wasn't up to the job) finally got around to making a twig photo frame that I pinned ages ago. Miss 12 has used it to display one of her favourite bird photos.

Miss 12 was able to train five days this week - only an hour or an hour and a half each time. She enjoyed it but I'll be glad when her rehab is deemed over and she is back training with her regular squad and we only need to drive there three times a week.

We started looking at the art of Norman Rockwell. Miss 12 recognised his self-portrait from a book she read a while ago. I was delighted when I stumbled across an activity tying a Norman Rockwell painting in with April Fool's Day. I know what we'll be doing on Monday!

We made it to the coast to do a survey for the Marine Square Metre project. Dh came along with us which was nice - he's working pretty long hours these days and doesn't get to join in with the fun stuff as much as he used to. Identifying and counting all the lifeforms we found was tougher than I thought . There was a lot of life in our square metre, including literally thousands of barnacles and mussels. The crabs were Miss 12's favourite. As always it is amazing what we see and learn when we slow down and really look.


  1. So many great thing this week:) Love the twig frame! We love to watch the birds too but haven't had much luck getting many good photos. Thanks for sharing the Norman Rockwell link! I'll have to show the girls tomorrow...looks like something that they would enjoy:)

  2. Jenn, If you want a list of all the errors in the painting we found this link -

  3. Those frogs are cute :)
    Lots of good stuff did happen in your week! Miss 12 has been doing a lot of cooking and baking...good for her!