Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Distracted Week

I’ve felt very unfocused, distracted and out-of-kilter all week. Some of it was heading out of town and not getting back until late on Monday, part of it was car trouble, part of it was news of yet more uncertainty regarding my husband's job , part of it was unexpected uncertainty over our housing situation, part of it was agreeing to take on some urgent volunteer work at the last minute,  and  part of it was considering the merits of a job I’ve been  unexpectedly asked to apply for. Anyway, in amongst all this some good stuff still happened.

* During a hopeful detour on our way back from our trip away we saw a Kaki in the wild! Apparently more people have climbed  Mount Everest than have achieved this so we feel rather pleased with ourselves. Rare though this bird is I still think tracking one down in the wild was easier than climbing Everest!

The rare Black Stilit or Kaki

* On our drive home we stopped at an information centre where we learnt more about hydro-electricity. I loved the fact that the stop was at Miss 12’s request and that she insisted on reading ever last word on every information panel. Much of our nation’s hydro-electricity is generated in this part of the country. Damming of the rivers is one of the factors in the decline of the Kaki. This made for some interesting conversations – how do we balance the needs of people against the needs of wildlife? What sort of power-generation is best?

* We’ve been learning patience as we’ve watched our newly developed frogs hunt down the live flies we’ve put in their tank. The first one took an hour to catch and I’m not sure who found it more difficult – the watching audience or the hungry frog itself.

* An unintended nature documentary on the mating behaviour of water snails (while watching our frogs hunt flies)!

* Miss 12 has continued to spend a lot of time writing at the computer. Lots of stories that she apparently starts but never finishes  (I’ve offered to take a look at some if she wants some suggestions on how to get unstuck but she hasn’t taken me up on the offer. I think she is all about the process rather than a finished product) plus emails to a friend who has moved away.

* We started work on a personal maths dictionary to define those terms and record those processes that Miss 12 finds tricky.

* We wrote Pi day poems – about birds of course. Miss 12 composed one on the Black Stilt while (at her request) mine focused on the kiwi.Of course we made a pie (pumpkin) too

* We watched a bird documentary – Winged Migration -  and also began watching a tv series about birds, Earthflight.

* We took part in a fundraising and promotional event for Miss 12’s sport club.

*We listened to a You Are There episode on the Norman Conquest. The audio quality was less than perfect but it did add a different dimension to our history studies. We’ll make use of more of these I suspect.


  1. I am excited that you started a blog!

    I am sorry to hear about the uncertainty with both your husband's job and your living arrangements, that is so stressful, but glad to hear you were able to appreciate things like seeing the kiki, and your daughter's writing and the frog despite the stress!

  2. I am sorry to hear about the unsettledness in your week. I hope things improve! It does sound like some really good things happened otherwise. I am glad you decided to blog and that you shared the link with me :)

    1. The job situation seems to have stabilised - for now at least - so that is a relief.