Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Week Ending 24 February

A busy week - the highlight for me being what I will no longer be doing.

* We saw an outdoor production of The Wind in the Willows. Miss 12 enjoyed all the verbal repartee and appreciated the waterside location but was a little frustrated by not being able to see all the action  (a problem with trees, and the action taking place in more than one spot)– not to mention hear all the dialogue (so many adults seemed to think it was okay to talk through the bulk of the performance. )

* On the first day of the Kereru Count we went for a walk in some likely places and managed to spot four. At the time that was the highest number seen in any one location in our city so Miss 12 felt pleased with her efforts. We did a quick walk through another likely spot later in the week and spotted another one. We were so busy looking upwards since they tend to roost in high branches that we ended up with sore necks and kept tripping over tree roots!

* Ticket toRide is still being played at least once every day. Bohnanza is also very popular as is the app 4pics 1 word.

* It was two years ago this week that a major earthquake severely damaged our city. We didn’t go to the official commemorations but did spend a bit of time remembering the day (I have a vivid recollection of being crouched  down under our computer desk, grabbing hold of the leg, being banged up and down and hitting my head on the underside of the table top repeatedly, hearing Miss 12 scream from where she was sheltering as things fell down around her and not being able to go to her because the shaking was so powerful I couldn’t walk, not to mention not being able to contact  my husband, knowing his building was soon to be repaired following damage from a big earthquake five months before hand  and then feeling so relieved when he finally arrived home). Seeing all the fresh flowers in so many of the road cones that are everywhere (marking road repairs, sewer repairs and blocking off sections of road around buildings that are being demolished or repaired) did bring a smile to our faces . A fairly noticeable aftershock late in the day was a reminder (not that we needed one) that Mother Nature hasn’t entirely finished with us yet.

* I finally managed to hand over the paperwork and duties associated with a volunteer position that I actually resigned from in December, but for a variety of reasons ended up continuing with for another two months. To say I’m relived is an understatement – I actually feel 10 pounds lighter and have so much more mental energy to devote to other, more enjoyable things.

* One of our tadpoles is now officially a frog – the last of its tail has been reabsorbed into its body and it is at least attempting to catch the flies we put into the tank for it.  Nobody has actually seen it succeed yet but we think one fly disappeared so we are hopeful. It is a Golden Bell frog – not sure why it is so named since it is primarily green in colour.  We bought the tadpoles and were told there were two types so will have to wait and see whether all ours turn out to be the same or whether we end up with a variety.
* Our first four Monarchs hatched. Miss 12 was especially pleased since she rescued them as chrysalises. The caterpillars had hung themselves on the underside of leaves on the swan plant. Their hungry siblings were eating through all the remaining leaves – including the ones they were on, meaning they were falling to the ground and getting or at least risking getting damaged. All the rescued ones survived this year which was satisfying. Sadly we couldn’t tag them – our tags arrived the day after they hatched!

* We actually managed to go to a local park which has gym type equipment outdoors twice this week. We both especially enjoy the cross trainer and while I can’t say I enjoyed the stepper or the rowing machine I’m glad we went. Hopefully , we can keep up going twice a week. Or at least once …so long as it isn’t raining.

* We finally tracked down Mr. Whippy. In years past this ice-cream truck often travelled down our street over summer. This year we hadn’t seen one at all and it was on Miss 12’s summer bucket list. So, we made a special trip to a local market where a truck was operating from. Soft serve ice-cream coated in sherbet for her and chocolate for me.

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