Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Learning List

Inspired by Susan and her girls over at Learning All the Time, Miss 12 and I have got into the habit of compiling monthly lists of fun learning ideas. Not things we have to do but things we want to do, or at least things we want to remember so we can see if we still want to do them when the time comes. This months’ list  includes attending a Chinese Lantern Festival, attending Japan Day and attending Culture Galore (more cultural displays and more food ..what can I say). We also plan on learning to identify eight birds by call alone and doing some online owl pellet dissections (if we lived in the US we’d definitely buy the kits and do the real thing). We’re going to mark Pi day (by writing a pi poem and probably making pie as well) and World Poetry Day. We’ll do some citizen science (tagging Monarch butterflies and exploring a marine square metre and recording everything we find there). There is a Starlab course to attend which will be followed up by plenty of stargazing. We’ll do some mini adventures in our library and possibly buy a book to celebrate national Book Month. A 30 Day photography challenge will be completed and Great Expectations will be read aloud (and maybe even finished but I’m not sure about that). A couple of craft activities are planned and then the month will end with more food – International Waffle Day, a Cocoa Cola cake to mark the founding of a certain company (actually just a good excuse to make a cake we’ve meant to make for a while) and of course much hot cross bun making over Easter. I’m tired just thinking about it all …but nobody says we have to do it all.


  1. Love this list! And so happy to see your blog and be able to follow along in your learning adventures:)

    1. Thanks Jenn. I'm not sure I've got a lot to say but I'm hoping this blog will help me interact with like-minded homeschoolers

  2. Just catching up on blog, how did you do with your list? Love the idea of celebrating Waffle Day!!

  3. We actually got way more done than I thought. Miss 12 sort of ran out of steam on the photography challenge. She did about 20 of the 30 (certainly not oneper day though) but I think prefers taking photos of what she wants rather than what some challenge tells her to. Still it did get her into the habit of taking more photos which was good. We did a bit of stargazing but not as much constellation identifying as I'd hoped. Part of the problem is gazing upward seems to give me vertigo - especially if coupled with gazing at the moving Google Sky app on my tablet. Miss 12 has managed to regulalry identify a few on her own. If she wants more I think I'll have to pass it over to Dh.